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Fake Feminism: A Dishonor to the Sufferers

Since time immemorial, women have suffered at the hands of sexism. Believed to be yellow-bellied, they have long been downtrodden by a largely patriarchal culture. From domestic violence in households to low paychecks at the workplace, women have had to bear the brunt of radically unfair treatment. Thus, the concept of feminism Vs equality goes a long way.

In light of the long-standing exploitation, in the nineteenth century, a movement called feminism came into the picture, largely hoping to establish gender equality within communities.

Nevertheless, the operation took an ugly turn before the ink was dry on the page. Battling patriarchy came in conjunction with a cry for matriarchy. An attempt to uplift women came to be associated with downgrading men. With fake feminism in the pipeline, many people began to retreat from the fight they had earlier considered worthwhile.


What is Feminism?

As opposed to fake feminism, feminism stands up for instituting equitable respect, freedom, rights, and opportunities for the whole lot, without any regard for one's gender. It seeks to lock horns with sex-based oppression.

Feminism and equality are not about being superior to anyone; rather, they are about being egalitarian. Although it is indisputable that men and women, to a great extent, are anatomically different, in no way does it convey that they can't be treated with equal respect. Feminism and equality are all about ensuring the same.

Fake feminism

What is Fake Feminism?

Feminism and pseudo feminism are two very distinct concepts. Fake feminism, in the guise of feminism and equality, seeks to resolve the wrongdoings against women by berating men. Dummied up as "proud feminists," pseudo feminists attempt to perpetuate hate against masculinity.

Brimming with utter disdain, they quickly clutch every possible opportunity to disparage men and masculinity. In the name of advocating women's empowerment, they go out of their way to kick up a fuss and rail against men, even when there is no apparent indication of subjugation by these men against women.

Pseudo-feminists, irrespective of all the exhibitionism, in reality, have nothing to do with feminism and equality. Taking advantage of the feminist tag, they want to knock down other genders and establish female supremacy. They commit actions and utter statements that, to be honest, are sexist beyond measure.

Yet they proudly wave the flag of feminism and equality. While avouching to be pressing for the rights & respect of women, they actively work to strip other genders of their due respect.


Examples of Fake Feminism

Since we've now grasped what fake feminism entails, let us now look at some of its cases to better understand the various forms it can take, which would enable us to fathom feminism vs. pseudo feminism.

The Neha Dhupia Controversy

A stupefying situation of fake feminism occurred in 2020 at the renowned television show "Roadies Revolution," where Neha Dhupia, purported to stand up for violence against women, seemingly defended adultery. When a male contestant conceded slapping his girlfriend for cheating on him with five other guys, all Neha Dhupia could say was that "it's her choice."

Feminism and equality, at that point, were demoted to a source of amusement. Neha Dhupia was abysmally trolled for making such a nonsensical statement. While she did do a good job rebuking the contestant for administering physical violence, forfending the girl for deceiving the guy is what infuriated the masses.

Moreover, she was labeled as a hypocrite, given that when, in a previous episode, a girl had spilled the beans about committing the same, her reaction was farthest from what it was when it came to a male. Nevertheless, this instance of fake feminism triggered a radical uproar, with threats and harassment flooding the celebrity's inbox and further elongating to include her family members, even her daughter.

The Amity Car Parking Case

Another nerve-racking occasion of fake feminism is the Amity Car Parking Case. Two boys were mercilessly knocked around with bricks and iron rods in this scenario. That being the case, they inevitably ended up in the hospital with their clothes drenched in blood that continually gushed from numerous wounds on their bodies. Why? On account of asking a girl to remove her car, which was parked midway.

Upon being demanded to displace her vehicle from the wrong place, not only did the girl threaten the boys with several intimidations, but she also filed a fraudulent charge of molestation. In addition to calling goons into play to thrash the boys and showcase her dominance, she headed and marched rallies against the so-called "molesters."

An Instagram page even went to the extent of uploading her picture with the caption, "Men handled by a woman." This whopping instance of fake feminism renders the line between feminism and pseudo feminism significantly clear.

pseudo feminism

How to Identify Pseudo Feminism?

The indiscretions of several pseudo-feminists know no bounds. They can go to extreme heights when it comes to proving their might. Thus, it is essential to identify whether or not pseudo feminism, rather than feminism, is springing up.

Following are the signs that can help you discern pseudo feminism as soon as a circumstance embodying the same pops up:

A pseudo-feminist views a girl not as a unique person but rather as a personification of the traditional stereotypes.

  • A pseudo-feminist cannot talk about a girl without referring to her physical appearance or structure.

  • A pseudo-feminist is hypocritical. When a man commits a blunder, it is deemed loathsome. On the other end, if a woman performs the same action, it is perfectly acceptable.

  • A pseudo-feminist will always have her woman card ready. In each heated argument and every possible altercation, she would shove the significance of her womanhood in your face.


All in all, feminism and pseudo feminism can often be misidentified while fighting for the cause of equality. Thereupon, to understand both concepts thoroughly, we must be able to distinguish them efficiently. Discriminating between them would enable us to support the right person and partake in the ethical fight rather than getting caught up in meaningless mayhem.

Although feminism is a much-needed endeavor, pseudo feminism has stained the image of the entire movement. Together, we can revive the allure of the venture by raising awareness about feminism vs pseudo feminism and actively discounting the latter's manifestations.

Also, feminism vs equality is something that should be comprehended in its entirety to bring about a change in society.

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