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Prioritise yourself first!

What are your top five priorities? Think about it and lemme know in the comments. And I bet none of you would have placed yourself on the top of your priority list. Because most often we forget to prioritise the most important person in our life,

who is 'you'. It's not wrong to put your partner or parents or kids or friends above yourself, but if you do it all the time, it's definitely not right. Your first priority should always be you. Your priority list needs to start with you.

There's so much love in your heart for everybody out there. But you need to realise that you deserve that love the most. Don't deprive yourself of your own love. Always put your mental peace and happiness above everything and everybody else.

Learn to say 'no' if you have to. And don't fear annoying a few people in the process. You are not here to please everybody out there. And even if you try, you can never keep everybody happy. No matter how much you do, it will still not be enough. But even if you put up a li'l bit of effort for your own self, it would mean a lot.

Give yourself priority

Don't always be available for people to vent their emotions out to you,

when you aren't in the right mental space to deal with it. And you really need to understand that you aren't being a bad person for setting boundaries or protecting your peace. Look, you don't owe your time, energy and emotions to anyone.

You get to decide where should you invest your time so it gives you the most peace and joy. Even if it means cancelling plans, cutting people off, shutting people out and being all alone, if it gives you peace and happiness, just do it. Don't feel guilty for putting your own emotional needs before anybody else's. Setting emotional boundaries is very important.

Don't try to be there for everybody else ,
You can't  keep everyone happy at same time

when you are yourself struggling with things. You need to be there for yourself first, before anybody else out there. You need to meet your own needs first, before you try to meet somebody else's needs from you.

You cannot pour out of an empty cup. If you aren't happy yourself, you would not be able to keep people around you happy, no matter what you do and how much you try. Fill your own cup with happiness and positivity first, before pouring it out for others.

I'm not saying it's wrong to be there for people, but ignoring your own emotional needs for others is wrong. By being emotionally available for everybody all the time, you might end up creating a void inside yourself. You might end up exhausting yourself emotionally.

Learn to limit your emotional availability and set up healthy boundaries. Stop being an unpaid therapist for people all the time, to the extent, that you end up needing a therapist yourself.

And if you think seeing your loved ones happy makes you happy, then maybe it does work in the short run.
Making everyone happy

But if you continue to do this all the time, it's gonna make you miserable in the long run. Look, you are not responsible for other peoples' mental health, happiness and peace of mind, but your own. Your heart is your responsibility.

Help it heal from grief, pain and hurt. A self healed person can only help other people heal. Shower a li'l bit of your love upon yourself too. Invest a li'l bit of your time on yourself too. Stop living for others all the time. Maybe you need to start living for yourself first.

You aren't doing any good to anybody living like that. This isn't being selfless, but being toxic to yourself. Look you aren't a candle, so you don't need to burn yourself to light up somebody else's life. And listen self love isn't selfish.

Prioritising yourself isn't selfish. It is an act of self love and self care. When life get's rough and nothing goes your way, when you feel stuck and you can't find a way, when it's all a chaos but you can't get away, self love and self care are the only weapons that are gonna keep you mentally and emotionally stable.

Prioritise yourself! Love yourself! Heal yourself!

Happy healing!

About The Author

Prakrati Maheshwari

Prakrati Maheshwari, born on April 9,2000, is a 22 year old, blogger turned author. She is a Chartered Accountancy student, a simple girl from Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) India. She began writing when she was 14. She started her blog 'Unwind Emotions' in 2020. She self published her debut book 'Unwind Emotions' in 2022. Her passion and love for writing is what keeps her soul happy. She dreams of becoming a successful writer with a balanced corporate career. She writes for young adults and wishes to become a best selling author.

You can connect with her on

You can also buy her debut book 'Unwind Emotions' from the above link.

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