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The Harsh Truth of Dairy Industry – White Lies of the Industry Exposed


There is no denying that the milk industry of any country is a million-dollar market. Be it America or India, the dairy or animal industry is one of the largest producing markets for gross profit in any country.

There is some kind of connection with the millions of households, and it offers livelihood to them. The market also has a deep cultural significance.

Milk products

Despite all that, it is shocking to know several harsh truths about the dairy industry we plan to uncover through this post.

Readers may be anguished at some of the harsh practices in the dairy industry that they may avoid milk consumption entirely. In today's post, we will explore some of the harsh truths of the dairy industry.


White Lies of the Industry Exposed

As some of us are made to believe, cows are not a happy lot in dairy farms. Though we have seen videos, educational clips, and shows about dairy farms, one thing is certain: no happy cows want to offer their milk for our consumption.

That is because they are put through immense pain, slaughtered, and treated cruelly. Besides, they are also killed for the leather market and the meat industry as well. It is heartening to know that voices have rarely been raised against the thriving milk industry.

Dairy farm

It is a shame because the animals are exploited and forced to live inhumanely. According to the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO), which is based in India, they did an undercover investigation across a few cities in India in 2016.

They came up with some interesting findings the cattle had to go through. It is pitiable to know that cows live a sad life from the day they are born on this earth. They are treated like a commodity, separated from their families, and injected with chemicals.

Let us now discuss this in detail.


1. Confined Alone in the Room

The primary issue with the dairy industry is that the calves are taken away from their mothers. Isn't it sad? It is like a newborn taken away from its mother. Moreover, in some cases, the cows are confined alone in a room in an extreme environment.

Compared to humans, cows have to spend a few months in barren hutches and have a different diet that is unsuitable for them. It is not surprising to note that more than 90% of dairy cows are placed indoors, which is not a healthy option for them.


2. Families are Broken

A broken family is the last thing anybody wants in a human environment. However, for cows, this is very much their lives. Being a mother is a curse for cows, as she has no power to ensure that her calves are safe with her.

Cow with calf

Cows have to undergo this stressful period each year. Moreover, the milk that she produces is grabbed from her for the consumption of human beings.


3. Impregnated Forcefully

Apart from that, the cows are impregnated forcefully each year. Again, the questionable practices in the dairy industry come to light. The cows are made to undergo this unfortunate process when the industry finds itself lacking in sufficient cows or animals that can produce milk.

Forceful pregnancy of cows

The solution is increasing the number of animals using artificial methods, which can also be extremely painful. It is quite shocking that this trend has been going on for many decades without any animal rights group raising their voices against it.


4. Slaughtered Without Mercy

We now come to the gruesome part, where the cows are slaughtered without showing mercy. The worst part is that they are finished when they can no longer produce milk as they should.


That means cows can't live more than 25 years, which happens to be their minimum lifespan. Instead, they are killed within 20 years when they are not profitable for the dairy industry. You would be amazed to know that more than 25% of the beef sold in the American and European markets is from cows that did not reach their last state.


5. A Male Calf is Considered a Bane

As horrific as it sounds, the male calf is considered a massive curse to the dairy market. The industry does its best to get rid of it as soon as possible. You see, the animal does not have much use in the market.

It can neither produce milk nor be consumed. However, once it grows, they can sell it for its skin or meat. Usually, calf meat is not popular and often finds no buyers. Our research found that the male calf is killed in a few months.

Sad calf

Isn't it unfortunate that the industry does not deem this gentle animal the right to live for a few years at least? Well, that is how bad it is in the dairy industry. Many countries have Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughterhouse) laws and rules, but sadly, these are openly flouted inside the slaughterhouse.


How Consuming Dairy Products Can Affect Your Health?

You may be amazed to find out that consuming dairy products can put you at unwanted risk of dangerous health complications. Did you know dairy products have been directly connected to several higher risks of different cancers?

It is because of the high levels of insulin. Yes, we do require the element calcium to keep our bones active and movable; you may want to know that milk is not the only source. Consuming vegetables and plant-based drinks are also a good option.


What are Some of the Ways by Which You Can Help?

Yes, you can do your bit by using the following ideas:

  • You can go vegan. Don't promote consuming animals. A small step taken is a great effort on your side.

  • Avoid purchasing adulterated milk.

  • If possible, try and purchase from a local milkman or rural producer.

  • Ensure that you choose and consume ethical brands for dairy products. A lot of farms mention that the milk sourced from the cows is without any cruelty being inflicted on them.

  • Opt for pasture-raised milk that is sourced from farms that are stricter about the welfare of their cows.

Bottled Milk

  • One of the simplest ways to help the cows in the dairy industry is to reduce your milk consumption and replace it with plant alternatives.

  • Some dairy products have independent or third-party certifications like 'Animal Welfare Approved (AWA),' 'Certified humane,' 'Organic certification,' 'Free Range,' and 'Pasture Raised.' You can look out for these certifications or start consuming dairy products with these certifications to ensure that your dairy consumption is ethically sourced.

  • Last but not least, try to engage in animal welfare advocacy. This step would not only create awareness amongst fellow dairy consumers but also pressure the Government to create more stringent animal welfare laws.


Wrapping Up!

We have ended our discussion on the harsh truth of the dairy industry and hope you were enlightened on the atrocities that animals face in the slaughterhouse. Please understand that animals are tortured intensely because of our greed and needs.

We encourage you to become a vegan by purchasing dairy products from local milkmen. You are not only ensuring that you & your family are having unadulterated milk but improving their business, as well.

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