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Better to be late than never

The majority of us have a complaint at least once in our lives about something that we believe happened late in our lives. This would have happened earlier in my life, it should have been accomplished long ago, and so on. However, we never get to the root cause of why a particular achievement happened. This, for example, explains why it is presented so late in our lives. We lose sight of the joy we dreamed of because we are so focused on complaining. Due to our aversion to feeling true joy, we forget that when it happens, we will be happy.

Better to be late than never

Let’s find out today what to do when something arrives later than expected:

It doesn't matter how hard we work or how high our expectations are, we always strive to reach our goals. However, whatever we are trying to get has a particular way to get it,

It doesn’t mean that if we get things late in our life, everything we will try to get will come late too. We chose the wrong approach earlier, which indicates that we adopted the wrong method to achieve our goals. We know that to taste something we have to bring it to our mouth by hand, we cannot just wait for it to come to our mouth by itself. We cannot just rely on magic to taste something without eating it.

Have we ever examined our methods of doing a particular task :

Your pursuit of it, and your efforts to obtain it as soon as possible were certainly high in the context of our accomplishments. We tried so hard and did whatever was required. Yet we succeeded very late in what we never imagined, time does have the ability to regulate your emotions. You can feel that very easily.

Think of a toy you got very easily from your parents. They brought it to you very quickly. What happened next? You were so happy. However, how long did your happiness last? You're right because we get it very easily, but that doesn't mean that we have to wait for everything for a long period of time. We just need to apply a broad mind-set to it all.

Now, what’s the plan?

Way of Prayer

It is all about the attitude we adopt in our lives. You might come across someone who celebrates everything that happened in their life, a small achievement, a purchase of a favourite vehicle, a social gathering, or anything. However, you feel that wasn’t really a reason to celebrate, but they have something special that you don’t have,

The mind-set of such people is that they are more focused on the task at hand than on the results. They focus their energy and efforts on completing a task according to their plan. The most critical thing is to focus more on completing a task than on its outcome.

Do it everyday approach:

Consistency in carrying out a task day after day determines the effectiveness of our effort or diligent work. It is very easy to do something and wait for the result, but it is really hard to do something and continually check it until it is flawless.

It is done by you and you are worthy of it:

If we receive something later, we feel that the joy has been lost, but look around us. How many people still dream about owning it? A reward or achievement never loses its value. It depends on how we express it when we receive it. It means we are not adopting the attitude of gratitude if we experience the same thing in many cases. Because of this, we have adopted the practice of saying a prayer before having a meal. This is to thank God for the meal at that time, regardless of whether you are rich or poor.

Take it as the key to something bigger to come:

The beauty of life is hidden in the secrets of the future. Life's most curious expectation is to be able to predict what will take place, but thank God we are not able to do that. Instead, you have to trust that things are happening for a reason.

Cute Girl

This approach keeps you motivated with an attitude of doing more than before, doing harder than before, and getting better than before. Things that happen in your life are ultimately connected in some way. The center of all this is you. If you make improvements in your pattern of thinking about your accomplishments, you will realize that everything that has taken place has worked for you, regardless of when it occurred.

The title of this blog also references a quote by famous philosophers, "It is better to be late than never". As a result of their experiences, they really meant it. It is your time to feel it.


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