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Updated: Nov 30, 2023

As we all had celebrated the festival of lights with great enthusiasm. Along with this we had also cleaned our houses willingly or unwillingly in the name of Diwali 😅. So now lets talk about this cleaning task.

Cleaning AGent

Cleaning is defined as simple as an act of making something clean. In Hindi it can be termed as निर्मलता, शुद्धिः, स्वच्छता. Cleaning is also integrated with body, mind and aatma. For dusty body, we use various cleaning ingredients to keep it hygienic and even use various sprays for fragrance. So what would be the cleaning agents for the mind and aatma?

Somewhere I read that dirt for our mind are "greed, anger, lust, confusion, jealousy and arrogance". All this made sense also, as since childhood we are taught and trained for not adopting these qualities because of there negative imprint on the our attitude.

Despite everyone's relentless efforts, we all have some part of these qualities. Even Shrimad Bhagavad Gita also enlighten on the breeding ground of lust ( The sense, mind and intellect) which then clouds one's knowledge and deceive the soul.

Taking the example of lust only. Under its influence, an object is desired by the senses, the senses infatuate the mind, the mind misleads the intellect, and the intellect loses its discriminatory powers. Therefore becoming a slave of lust and will do anything to satisfy it. So coming to the cleaning agent, Yogasastra provides four agents : Maithreee, Karuana, Mudhita and Upeksha Maithree - Friendship: A basic quality every one should posses. Be friend to everyone and avoid hatred & enmity.

Karuna - Compassion: Its's helping nature, which inculcates empathy towards other. This guides one's intellect to take appropriate measures for leading a happy life.

Mudhita - Joy

Mudhita - Joy: Here it refers to the pleasure and pain which needs to be treated equally. This can be quiet difficult to practice in real life. Our senses identify an object and give rise to feeling of cold, heat, pain or joy. We have to endure them and make better decisions.

Last is upeksha, which simply refers for not having unnecessary expectations. Our senses, mind and intellect are all integrated like a mesh network which effectively cooperate for taking the right decisions.Following these agents can help us to lead to happy life

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