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Decreasing joint families

Family is like an umbrella or a roof, as it protects us from rain, sunlight and thunder similarly family protects us from every problematic situation. Families are of two types: joint family and nuclear family, many of us are in doubt about nuclear family and joint family.

Nuclear Families consist of parents, children and grandparents. Many of us think that grandparents are part of a joint family but they are the nuclear family. Joint family consists of my uncle and aunt living with us. There is a trend going on that 'small family is a happy family' or 'hum do  do' and this mentality leads to decrease in joint families. 

Benefits of joint families

Joint families are a blessing nowadays where 2 or 3 families live under the same roof. In this era of modernisation every individual wants privacy whether the person is of age 5 or 50. Every individual has a mobile phone in their hands and everyone is busy in their own world.

They are messaging each other while lying in the same house, they don't have time to talk to each other. This technology has made our near ones far, and our long distance relation close. 

Benefits of joint families

  • We are not alone: Not Alone doesn't mean that there is always a rush or chaos in our surroundings but there is always our family by our side whenever we feel alone or in any problematic situation. They will not leave us alone and will always find a solution.


  • Can cope up in every situation: the person who can adjust himself in a joint family can cope up or mix up to every individual. As he had grown up by seeing the love, compromise of every individual in his family. And mostly the people in the nuclear family can not make adjustments as they have grown up lonely, they mainly don't know how to live collectively.

celebrations in joint families

  • Enjoy every moment: in a joint family everyone celebrates each other's little to big achievements. They are not jealous of each other and instead celebrate each other's happiness collectively. When there is any family function all relatives are each other's helping hand. They handle every work on their own.

  • No worries for working parents: working parents have no worries about their child, as there are the rest of the family members who take care of them. And today's ambience is not secure for the children to live alone in a house or with servants. But family members are trustworthy people.

  • Single child is not alone: a single child doesn't feel alone as there are other siblings also. They play collectively, and the child grows with a lot of learning about how to live collectively. How to manage things in a group? They learn leadership and teamwork skills too.

The joy of living together 

Joint families are the best, no happiness can replace the joy of living together. If this generation wants privacy, then there are certain other methods to maintain it but it doesn't mean that we should separate ourselves from our loved ones.

The main reason for the separation is the family fights mainly for money, property or any other materialistic things. But we shouldn't forget that there are all materialistic things, God has given us all these things we cannot do anything on our own. All happens according to the will of God. If God has the power to give things then he can take too. 

family lunch

Don't educate your child to live alone, teach them how to live with a family, to live collectively with each other. After all happiness is to live among all. The joy of living comes when the whole family eats on one dining table, when the whole family celebrates achievements of each other, when the whole family goes for vacations, when a  family is the helping hand of each other. You all know that a family that eats together, stays together. 

Increase in population

According to the reports, recently the India had crossed china over population. India's population is more than China's population. Which is an advantage or may be disadvantage for our country, but my main concern is to live together not to increase population.

It's your wish to have two children , one child or more than that, but my main motive is to make you aware of the joy of living together. Increase in population and living in a joint family are both different matters. 

Increase in population is the number of increasing head counts in a country, but a joint family is where you live with your parents, grandparents and uncle and aunt with their children under the same roof. You might have heard from your parents and grandparents that they belong to a joint family, they enjoy a lot at that time.

The ladies sit together and discuss their household chores and doing some sort of work. And gents also sit together and discuss politics. You can see a bright smile on their face when they describe their old time. It doesn't mean that they are living together so that's why they are happy, it means that their hearts were closer than the distance.

About The Author:

Noor Mehta, a 19-year-old from Punjab India. As a student of management, she became a blogger when she was 18 years old. She loves to read and has an optimistic outlook on life. She is eager to express her feelings and thoughts through for the first time. She has rich experience working with different niche websites.

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