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Diwali: Digital Vs Real Motivation

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Diwali: a festival of lights, spiritualism and a synthesis of culture and social values. Traditionally it is associated with the legend stories of Lord Ram, whose return is celebrated with great pomp & show. Spiritually, it is a symbol for harnessing the inner light to overcome the darkness within oneself.

Diwali light
Diwali Celebration

This festival of light is not just restricted to lighting a lamp but it's a month long affair which is known by different names across India and world. It is also a month of Kartik as well as the time of Devi Paksh (the time of feminine). Geologically, days are getting shorter and winter is coming 😇, so Diwali is also the harbinger of light or fire which represent the fundamental of the life.

The motivation for Diwali in this digital world may seems to be restricted with social media messages be it a personalized message or short or a Tik Tok video. Personal touch with wishes are also channeled via video or phone calls. Though this all seems to be the need of our, but we all must preserve the true essence of this festival of lights. .i.e

‘Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya’ which means “ Lead me from darkness to light.”

It's real motivation is the awareness of the inner light. This can be acchieved either by offering prayers or performing rituals or by meditation. Each individual follows different path for exploring the inner self.

This festive month also symbolizes the time of expression. During the darkest month of the year, it’s the perfect time to become a beacon of lights which usher motivation, hope and bring peace to oneself & whole world. When we activate our inner shakti, we become more aware of the world and genuinely embody the phrase "lead us from darkness to light." Our lives become genuinely meaningful when we unite and assist one another.

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