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Friendship Vs relationship

We are all surrounded by relationships and friends in this world. Our purpose in being here is to fulfill our responsibilities to each other. In the real world, we can't balance friendships and relationships at the same time. Both are essential to our lives. Balance is the key to every relationship.

Relationships are not necessarily a commitment to live forever between a girl and a boy. However, they are also a relationship between a mother and a child, between anyone and anyone. But this article will talk about the relationship between a girl and a boy and also about friendships. Most of us cannot distinguish between friendships and relationships, and cannot maintain a balance between them. So let's discuss all of it.

The real meaning of friendship

The friendship between two real people is like the growth of a plant from a seed to a tree. I have heard from many people that a real person is someone who has an old friend. In my opinion, this does not refer to an old friend, but to a person with many friends. Real friendships emerge when children are involved.

We do not care about another person's background, race, or colour. We just make friends without judging them. But as we grow up our friends change with time. We meet new people as we move along, and no one is permanent in our lives. We may have lost many friends due to a lack of conversation.

This is because a lack of conversation can ruin any relationship. Every individual comes to this world with a purpose and leaves with good or bad memories. A real friend will help you in every situation, will understand your feelings, and doesn't give you any fake compliments either. He will show you a mirror of your behaviour.

level of friendship in between a girl and boy

A friendship between the same gender is amazing but between the opposite gender is a blessing. Although a friendship between a girl and a boy is adorable, these days it's mandatory to have a male or female friend. We get to know more about their life experiences without even a thought of judgment.

A male best friend will protect you from negative people, will help you figure out which boy is best for you, you can hang out freely with them without any fear, and will offer you the most helpful advice on every problem.

A female best friend will understand his friend's feelings and give him the most appropriate alternative. She will help him pick out the best clothes that suit them the most. Occasionally, she will even help them propose. She will handle heartbreaks, give them advice on choosing the right girl, and sometimes help them propose.

I don't say that friendship only between a girl and a boy is real. Friends can be of any religion, caste, age, or gender. Still in this modern age, many people of our parents' or grandparents' age judge friendship on the basis of caste, colour, religion, and gender, and this is due to the generation gap. But they are also adapting to the changing environment.

The real meaning of a relationship

In a relationship, two people who are deeply in love commit themselves to staying with each other until the very end. One of the most beautiful things in this world is love, which has no physical presence but can be felt everywhere.

Those who are in love and take their relationship to the next level stand by their partner - they will protect them, care for them, love them, understand them, be aware of them, and will help you succeed in your career.

They will not demand any expensive gifts or any other things but will expect love, care, or attention from you. Every boy in a relationship wants her girl to understand his financial condition and every girl wants her boy to be loyal behind her back.

friends with benefits

A balance between relationship and friendship

Balance is the first and foremost thing in every relationship. In all situations, maintaining a balance between friendships and relationships is imperative. Every relationship has its own importance in your life.

If you are in a relationship, your partner must know about your friends and your friends must know about your partner too. While it is quite difficult to maintain decorum as everyone seeks time, you should devote some time to your friends, family, and your partner without compromising your career.

Both friends and partners play an invaluable role in our lives. It is very critical to choose a friend and a partner carefully. Any one of them can ruin our lives. Your partner may get jealous sometimes that you prefer your friend first, but as I have said previously, balance is paramount and must be maintained. The most adorable thing is that our partner and our best friend are the same people. If you have then you are blessed with the most adorable person.

About The Author:

Noor Mehta, a 19-year-old from Punjab India. As a student of management, she became a blogger when she was 18 years old. She loves to read and has an optimistic outlook on life. She is eager to express her feelings and thoughts through for the first time. She has rich experience working with different niche websites.

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