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Healing isn't easy. Healing is complicated. Healing is uncomfortable. It is a long journey that takes a lot of unexpected turns. It takes a lot of time and patience. It takes so much of courage to even think of pulling yourself out of the darkness. It takes you to be really strong both emotionally and mentally.

Inner healing

The most difficult thing about healing is that it takes you to face your trauma and fear. In order to get you out of the darkness, it asks you to first get yourself in the darkness. It takes you to feel the hurt and the pain and let it pass through you.

It takes you to suffer in order to end the suffering. It asks you to keep believing that you will get better even when you see no sign of hope. It asks you to keep having faith that you will recover when you've got all the reasons to believe that you won't.

Honestly, healing isn't any less painful than the suffering itself. But healing is worth the pain, because on the other side of healing, lies hope, happiness, and a new and better 'you'.

Loneliness can be heal

Healing can make you go from laughing uncontrollably to crying your heart out within seconds. Healing can make you feel scared of the happy moments because you are not habitual to it.

Healing can make you feel anxious about being happy because long term sadness makes you comfortable with pain. And that's why being happy feels overwhelming sometimes.

Healing can make you feel like the happiest person, so full of love one day. And make you feel like the saddest, ugliest, loneliest, worthless loser the very next day.

The moment you feel like you have completely healed and everything is getting better, a sudden wave of sadness hits you out of nowhere. You feel scared again. You feel lonely. You feel anxious. You feel overwhelmed. And you realize you're back to the starting point again.

You are back to suffering again. But listen, this time you are not starting from scratch. This time you are starting with those lessons you learnt in the past. This time you are stronger. You know how to hold yourself. You know how to cope with this. You know you will get past this.

Understanding self worth

Just because you don't feel good about yourself, you don't value yourself enough, you doubt yourself, you hate yourself, doesn't mean you don't deserve any good.

You deserve the world darling. You deserve to feel better. You deserve to heal. You deserve the best. Your self worth is not based on your achievements but your existence.

Your self worth is not about what you do but who you are. No matter how hard things are, how difficult this phase is, you have to work through this and get yourself out of the mess.

No one else can do it but you.

You have to force yourself to get rid of your unhealthy and toxic habits. You have to force yourself to exercise, eat healthy, sleep on time and get up early. You have to force yourself to get into a routine. You have to force yourself to become better.

Nobody likes change. Nobody likes routine. But nobody likes pain and suffering either. It's gonna take time but trust me, healing is certain. It's not gonna hurt forever. You're not gonna suffer forever my dear. But you have to keep hoping that things will get better.

You need to have faith that your life will get back on track. You have to keep believing that you will recover. You have to keep making efforts to get better. And things will certainly get better. You will get your happiness back. You will be smiling again.

Fear won't haunt your heart forever. No more sleepless nights would be there. No more wet pillows on your bed. You will sleep peacefully like a baby in a mother's lap. Those loud noises in your head will stop. You will be at peace with yourself. Your life will be full of happiness, positivity, abundance, hope, prosperity and joy. Get ready for a new beginning and a new 'you'.

May the Almighty give you power and strength.

May the universe shower it's love upon you.

Happy healing!

About The Author

Prakrati Maheshwari

Prakrati Maheshwari, born on April 9,2000, is a 22 year old, blogger turned author. She is a Chartered Accountancy student, a simple girl from Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) India. She began writing when she was 14. She started her blog 'Unwind Emotions' in 2020. She self published her debut book 'Unwind Emotions' in 2022. Her passion and love for writing is what keeps her soul happy. She dreams of becoming a successful writer with a balanced corporate career. She writes for young adults and wishes to become a best selling author.

You can connect with her on You can also buy her debut book 'Unwind Emotions' from the above link.


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