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Holi- its significance, nostalgia, and safety measures

Do you remember waking up at 6 am to fill the water balloons and water guns with friends and cousins while your mother prepared several special dishes for the auspicious Holi festival? You would plan to haul the balloons on strangers and drench them while they pass by your house and the Bollywood music on Holi would be loud in the background.

The sun would be the brightest cautioning you of the impending summer to come and also your final exams, but your day would simply be playing, eating, and sleeping. The good ol' days and what we'd do to bring them back.

what is the significance of Holi?

Why do we celebrate Holi?

But Holi is a festival that is more than just playing with colors, it tells a lot about our culture and our history and perfectly portrays the Indian ethos. Not to mention the Holika Dahan, which takes place on the night before Holi. All the elders and children gather around a bonfire to celebrate the fall of an evil demon figure ‘’Holika’’, sister of Hiranyakashipu.

The bonfire is quite symbolic and in that fire, we also let our egos and impurity burn, so we start afresh from the ashes of evils that may lie away within us. The victory of Lord Vishnu over Hiranyakashipu also gives a moral lesson of victory of “good over evil”, and love over hatred every time.

Holika Dahan and story behind it

Colors and unconditional love

This festival also commemorates the pious love between Radha Rani and Shri Krishna, who are worshipped as far in the west.Therefore, it can be said that it’s a festival of love, gratitude, loyalty, and all things good.

How to play safe Holi?

As much as you enjoy playing with colors, this Holi play it with safety and keep in mind the following safety measures-

1. Organic colors

Harsh chemicals found in the Holi color can be problematic for you and they do not wash off your skin very easily. You can use more organic or herbal colors which are more environmentally friendly and good for your children or loved ones.

Using environmental friendly colors

2. Protecting eyes and ears

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from colors getting in your eyes and also from sunlight. Your eyes and ears are sensitive, so if any color gets into your eyes it will give you a burning sensation, itching, and red eyes.

Wash your eyes with cold water and if, it gets any serious, visit an ENT.

Protecting eyes from colors and sun radiation.

3. Skin problems

Skin allergies, body tanning, and dry breakouts on your skin are pretty common after you are done playing Holi, but do not ignore them.

Lather yourself in body oil so that the colors can wear off easily and safely. You can also wear sunscreen to block any UV radiation harming your skin. Wash your face with a gentle face wash and scrub your body gently.

Taking care of your skin in Holi.

4. Liquor and Intoxication

Party all you want but don’t drink and drive. Even if you are not drunk. Chances are that others might be careless under the influence of liquor or bhang, causing a lot of road accidents, so tread safely while crossing the roads.

Another important thing to note here is the safety of women and children. ‘’Bura na mano Holi hai’’ is not an excuse to violate any person’s body and privacy. A lot of harassment and catcalls happen on the streets and it’s disheartening to see that girls have to always watch out for themselves against some despicable men. They should be able to enjoy this festival as much as anyone else. Therefore, be mindful of where your hands wander around, regardless of gender.

Alcohol influence on people  and women safety

5. Animal safety

We also see colors thrown on defenseless animals like street dogs, cats, and cows. The chemicals can be harmful to them too. They can’t wash themselves, now can they? And committing such atrocities on poor animals is not fun, as if they are not scared already. Give them shelter and food if possible.

As it is said that ''Sharing is caring'', help needy people around your locality by sharing food and colors to their young ones.


A beautiful thing about the Holi festival is that it rises above any barriers of religion and thus can be enjoyed by anyone. We take blessings from elders, forgive our enemies and preach love and positivity. Holi’s cultural significance should be preserved and its sanctity should be maintained.

It gives us a message that love and goodness always prevail and all evil must perish. India’s diversity is her power and its festivities give the message of brotherhood, shared belief and goodness of culture. Colors are symbols of happiness and joy and nobody should suffer on this day. So be safe and keep others safe too. Also, while you are nourishing your body, don't forget plenty of water.

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