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How to handle people who irritate you.

How to handle people who irritate you.

Everyday life is full of this type of problem, whether it is at home, at the office, or anywhere else. It's possible to meet people who love to see you irritated or anxious,

They love making people irritated with their words or actions. There is also a way to handle them, you just need to be patient and take a few action steps. So let's see why they love to do these things and how we should handle them to prevent becoming irritated.

How to handle people who irritate you

Every action you take is ridiculed by people:

People like these are always looking for an opportunity to make fun of us. Someone doing something better than someone else is not appealing to them, or at least they do not understand why this person does what he does. People can tell you that "this will not work", "this is not the right way to do it", or "you don't have any experience in the field", and the list is long for such things that can irritate you and drain your energy, but the problem is that they are probably your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors', or relatives, so you can't say "Get lost".

Even if they say so, it does not mean they are an expert in that particular field. This is the real deal. When such tricky people come to you and begin to tease you about your job, business, or anything else, consider for a moment if they actually know what they are talking about. There are also those who enjoy sharing false information and acting like experts on subjects they do not even know anything about.

Question to be asked:- Do you have a master's degree in this thing which I am doing? If not, then let's change the topic.

Start facing such people but stop entertaining them:-

You cannot avoid such people if you really want to get rid of them. So what can we do? We can de-motivate them to do such things,

Therefore, you should look at them as a small problem that arises while you are doing something important, since running from a problem won't solve it; you have to face it, and the talk these people have with you is the problem, not the people,

People discuss things in social events

You should greet them when such people come to you, but don't give them that attention; without your attention, no one can interfere with your work or make you feel low on energy in accomplishing your goal; they deserve only a greeting, not so much attention from you. Try this and you will feel great from the very first day.

Break the Why Why Chain:-

These people have the most entertaining way of asking questions. This starts with why?, you answer and the next why is already in line for you. This phase starts irritating you and making them laugh, such as, why are you doing this?, why is this so crucial? Why don't you try this and that? So on and so forth.

A problem-solving technique used worldwide called why-why analysis involves creating a chain of why up to five times in order to identify the root cause of a problem, but here the situation is different. People like these don't care about their own business, they're interested in you and your goals,

What is the most reliable way to break a why-why chain? Asking why in revert makes it so simple!


When someone interferes with your work and starts asking why, interrupt them by asking a few simple whys. For example, why are you so interested in my business or why are you here? Don't you have any other business to deal with? Why is it so crucial to answer every question they have?

Ask for written guidance:-

Human beings are prone to continuing what they are doing until they are stopped by someone. Several masters can't even stop here. Our other option is available to them. I know it's funny, but you can try some time to understand those over-smart people who show that they know more than you,

Do not hesitate to ask for written guidance. If someone starts giving you unwelcome advice, let him/her know you are busy. I will definitely read your kind advice and follow it if you give me a written list."

Although I've done it many times, people sometimes take it as an insult, but it's better to keep such people away, and insult them properly.

They know from inside that now you are making fun of them, and have learnt how to handle such people.


Your greatest strength is that you have goals in your life, whereas such people do not, and spending time with such people also frustrates you.

It is important to be clear and smart when dealing with such people without knowing them or informing them.

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