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How your thoughts create reality-the law of attraction

'’what we think, we become’’ is said by one the most influential religious and spiritual guides lord Buddha. The quote stresses that the human mind perceives the world as we see it and

turns it into our own reality.

Does that mean our thoughts have energy? Well, it can be explained by the physiologic term as known ‘’the law of attraction’’ or in today’s date what gen-z calls it the ‘’power of manifestation’’. The universe is said to have energy and vibration, which are important components of the law of attraction all of which implores that whatever we put our effort into will eventually return to us.

You become what you think

In simple terms, if we have positive thinking, good things will happen to us; And vice versa, if you constantly pour bad feelings into your mind, negative things will manifest in your life. The theory says that we choose and create our reality. It dismisses any other outer forces such as fate or chance of working in life.

The law of attraction–

We are responsible for our own words and actions thus we are accountable for their consequences too. We create a reality that can either be good or bad based on the energy we emit.

If you smile at people and interact kindly with them they will respond to you with the same energy and smile but if you frown at people you will receive the same treatment. Therefore, ‘’I am what I am’’ and the ‘’take it or leave it’’ attitude only caters to your downfall.

Your words, thoughts, and actions have more power than you think to shape your personality and how others perceive you.

This theory gives you the power to shape your destiny for yourself. You manifest things that you badly need in your life.

How does it work?

To realize this theory, you must believe that good things are unavoidable, that you deserve abundance, and that these things are already happening to you.

There is a place in your brain known as Reticular Activating System that filters what comes to your mind. Your brain receives millions of pieces of information in a day but only filters and chooses to keep a few most important things in mind so if you believe in good things, RAS will filter this knowledge and imprint this into your mind and you start to invest time and energy into it you make it real.

Law of attraction

The fundamentals of the law of attraction

1. ‘’We reap what we sow’’-

Positive energy brings us good things while pessimism tends to draw negative things in life. Smiling, encouraging, and loving attitudes do wonders for not only you but also for others. Whilst Jealousy, hatred, and revengeful behavior attracts negative experience.

2. Cleansing of mind

You can shift your mind from negative to positive thinking through different exercises such as

1. acknowledging negative thoughts

2. pen down daily affirmations

3. making a healthy routine

4. solely focusing on what you are willing to achieve.

Positive affirmations you need in life that you need to repeat every morning-

1. I can do it.

2. I have a significant amount of authority.

3. I deserve good things.

4. I am confident.

5. The anxiety I feel is temporary.

6. I have faith in myself.

3. Imagining and living dreams

This may look silly thing to pretend at the beginning but try to act or rather live the success you are hoping to achieve in your near future. who do you see yourself as in the future?

What your days and nights look like? If you want to be a singer imagine performing in front of a large audience or acting like a famous writer about to be awarded for your book. This signals your brain to be focused on your goal.

Living by imagination

4. Put your dreams into action

Now that you have set your mind to make your dreams come true it’s time to get started. Optimism is the first step but taking action at the right time is key to development. Take small steps toward your goal, make a timetable to avoid procrastination, and track your achievements.

3 possible reasons why things were not working for you before:

  1. Lack of clarity- life can be chaotic, and the future can be uncertain, but you can organize your daily life and feel in control of your life by devising and following a neat plan, a firm belief can reaffirm your decisions.

2. Short term motivation- ask yourself the most important questions ''What personal strengths can I use to build a better future? ''Because you should realize that you cannot rely on external factors for your motivation always.

3. Fear of failure- what good has ever come from avoidance of truth and fearing confrontation from your failures and true emotions? But the fact is every person on this earth learns from their failure and if we quit at the first sign of fear what does it says about our belief and core values? So acknowledge this fear, trying and failing is not embarrassing you know what is? Not trying it and regretting it later.


While all this can help you to turn your fantasies into reality never be disappointed by failures. You may not be able to see success because you are continuously setting the bar up so while dreaming to go higher and higher is an ambitious living, rewarding, and being happy for small achievements is also essential to keep going.

Instead of reproaching yourself for what you could have done in life focus on what you have already done. Getting stuck in your past won’t let you move forward.

About the author

Priti Kumari Rajak is a new content writer with an English major. She was born on May 26, 2003, in Kharagpur, West Bengal, and is currently in Bhubaneswar for her graduation. She reads a lot and could probably talk about books all day. She is always eager to learn new skills and never cowers away from hard work. She is a dedicated and orderly individual who has a passion for writing.

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