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It's not you

It's not you. There's nothing wrong with you. You are amazing. And you have a beautiful personality. Just because you don't get along with the people you are with, doesn't mean there's something wrong with you.

Maybe you haven't met your kind of people yet. A person may seem quite boring to someone who has different interests than them.


But the same person maybe the most interesting person they have ever met for someone else. Look, coffee never knew it would taste so delicious and amazing, until it met milk and sugar.

We are good as individuals but we become better when we meet and blend with the right people. Sometimes we need external validation to realise how amazing we are, just the way we are. And I don't think there's absolutely anything wrong with that.

If you are constantly surrounded by people who don't see any good in you and always criticize you, then someday you gonna believe them and it's not your fault if you do.

It's very natural to happen. If you ever feel that you are a boring person or that you don't have a personality worth knowing or that there's something wrong with your personality, do consider a change in your surrounding and the people around you.

A whale may grow up to 75-85 feet in an ocean, and the same whale might grow only up to 24 feet in an aquarium. Sometimes your growth has nothing to do with you but your surrounding. In order to deal with existential crisis, inferiority complex or complex regarding your personality, try exploring and meeting new people.

It's hard to look yourself in the mirror, see all your flaws in front of your eyes, and still love yourself. But if somebody else sees those flaws of you, and still loves you and adores you, they make it easier for you to love yourself and accept your flaws.

Most of us are really self critical of ourselves, and that's the reason most of us don't really like ourselves much. But if you see yourself from someone else's sight. Someone who sees the good in you, someone who sees your flaws and still adores you, maybe then you see the magic in you, maybe then you see what others see in you and how amazing you are.

We are so used to our own features, characteristics and personality traits, that they seem ordinary to us. We don't really see anything special in us.

But darling what if you see yourself from a stranger's point of view and realise what magic you have been holding inside of you for so long. What if you see your flaws from a stranger's perspective, and you fall in love with your scars.

What you hold inside

Sometimes we forget to see the innate goodness in our heart, that we carry within ourselves. Sometimes we are so deeply immersed in self doubt and self hate, that we overlook all the good in ourselves and focus only on the flaws.

Look, everybody has flaws. No human being on the planet is perfect. Self introspect and analyse all the good and bad. Appreciate the good but do not criticise the bad.

Either you accept your flaws, or you work on yourself to turn them into your strength. There's no need for you to feel insecure about them and hate yourself.

Look you're not a tree, so you don't have to feel stuck. If there's a trait you don't have but you want to inculcate, you can. If there's a trait you have, but you want to get rid of, you can. You want a fit body, go to the gym.

You want to be knowledgeable, start reading. You want to have that degree, get into a college. Look, you see it, you like it, you want it, you get it. Simple! You can always find yourself and recreate yourself just the way you like.

Just a li'l bit of soul searching, self introspection and action, and you can become your favourite person. And if anybody makes you feel that your flaws make you unworthy of admiration, simply walk away.

If they find something wrong with you, maybe it's not actually you. Maybe it's them. Maybe they need to look inside themselves first. It's not always you. Maybe it's the people around you.

Respect yourself enough to have healthy boundaries with the people around you.

Respect yourself enough to not let anybody disrespect you.

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About The Author

Prakrati Maheshwari

Prakrati Maheshwari, born on April 9,2000, is a 22 year old, blogger turned author. She is a Chartered Accountancy student, a simple girl from Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) India. She began writing when she was 14. She started her blog 'Unwind Emotions' in 2020. She self published her debut book 'Unwind Emotions' in 2022. Her passion and love for writing is what keeps her soul happy. She dreams of becoming a successful writer with a balanced corporate career. She writes for young adults and wishes to become a best selling author.

You can connect with her on You can also buy her debut book 'Unwind Emotions' from the above link.

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