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Just before you burn your dreams

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

It would not be wrong to say that dreams are a part of your life as well. Every individual has a lot of dreams to achieve in life.

As it turns out, the dreams we are discussing are those which can be described as daydreams; sometimes it is called wishes, but there is a difference between a wish and a dream, as it is a feeling, whereas a dream is a motivation to act.

What happened when your dreams burn

These dreams do not have limitations in terms of how they apply to aspects of life; they may be personal, professional, emotional or social. Whatever the case may be, these dreams act as a driving force that makes you believe you can achieve your own dream.

Dreams Fulfilled vs. Dreams Unfulfilled:

There are definitely a lot of dreams everyone has. There is no guarantee that all dreams will come true in everyone's life.

This is why some people stop believing in their dreams. However, the truth is, it wasn't your dream, it was your responsibility to make it a reality.

Let's do a few questions and answers if you think you have selected the wrong dream. Check whether we were aware enough when choosing the dream or if we have already made a mistake and should stop dreaming about it.

Because we are going to talk about situations when we give up on our dreams. There will be many times in your life has come and might possibly come again and again when these ideas will hit your mind that you should leave these dreams.

A few questions we should ask ourselves include: should I give up or re-think about keeping this dream alive in my life,

Should i give up on my dreams

Like:- Why did I choose this dream?

What will happen if I throw it out of my life?

Can something else replace this dream?

What happened to all those efforts and hard work I put into achieving this?

Will this dream take everything from me?

And so on?

All over your life, such questions will follow you if you haven't left this dream behind.

No big deal or issue leaving behind something that is causing you problems and mental illness, but it is a dream.

You might be experiencing a set-back right now, but what exactly this dream means to you is only known to you.

Then here is what to do if this Dream really means to you:

We'll give you a few tips on how to achieve what you've always wanted. This is not a mantra, but rather a list of a few things you should try before burning your dream.

List all your achievements and awards from when you were young, like when you were in school or college, or even at the beginning of your career.

Connect a positive feeling with your dream, which hits you when you start to work on it.

Note down all those benefits which will be yours when you achieve this dream.

Calculate the regret you could have if you leave this dream unfulfilled.

How can you get expert help in this area if you do not think you have the ability to accomplish it on your own?

You can't be hopeless in your single life

Even if you already felt that you are capable of making this dream come true, where are you lacking?

It will be easy to shut it down, but how much will it cost you if you can’t resist yourself to live without this dream?

There would be no other way out to solve the current problem.

My dream may not live today, but I can keep giving it oxygen every day by working a little bit every day.

When you have a lot of chances in your life, you can achieve a lot. However, when it comes to dream that are connected to your heart, you will be hurt if you don't reach them.

The bigger the dream is, the more it demands your attention and efforts. Even if you burn them right now and show your anger that you made a mistake, when you realize in your life that you were too close to have it, no regrets will be able to repay you the prize you had while you lived it.

A person who thinks before acting is genius, a person who thinks while working is alert, and a person who thinks after acting is a fool.

Therefore, if you started working for your dream, then your first priority should be to make it possible, and if you are going to burn your dream, then you still have time to re-think and make sure it is the right thing you are doing right now.

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