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Music is the power

What do you need the most when you want an escape from this chaotic world? What do you need when you require a cup of peace and relax your mind? What speaks your heart out? What gets you through everything? Many questions with a single answer, ‘music’. From the medieval period till the present date on this earth, music has a huge history, which if we started expressing there would be a shortage of words.

music to feel relaxation

The definition and history of music mean different to everyone. Everyone has their way to justify its beauty. It has been said that music acts as food for the soul. Just like our body needs food to live as well as gain energy, our soul needs music to make us alive from the inside. 

A minor, but not less than a major contribution of music towards healthcare:

Music is a peace that engages our brain. Recently, I have heard about music therapies. Music brought out nothing less than a miracle for people in hospitals struggling for their lives. Even doctors agree with this therapy, always considering doctors’ efforts for sure. Many NGOs have been working for this purpose these days. Researchers have also said that when a person listens to music, it releases some neuro-chemicals which play a major role in the functioning of the brain and mental health of a person.

Use music for being healthy

Music often helps people with anxiety issues and stress due to their hectic work schedules. Music controls a person and makes them move or dance which helps to keep a person physically healthy keeping away from all obesity issues. In nutshell, music is the best medicine. Researchers are trying to understand how our brains hear and play music. Vibrations from the sound system pass through the atmosphere and enter the ear canal.

These vibrations that tickle the eardrum are converted into electrical signals by the auditory nerve and then sent to the brain stem to be reconstructed into the music we perceive. Thousands of jazz musicians and rappers were asked to improvise music while lying on an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) machine so that researchers at Johns Hopkins University could observe and record which parts of the brain were shining.

Architecture, mathematics, and structure are applied to music. Its basis is the connection between notes.

We have music all around us:

When we just stop and look around the beautiful nature, we will always find music around us. Birds chirping are always so melodious. The sound of the river flowing is mesmerizing. The sound of rain always feels like a blessing and cheers our souls up. But if we come to the technological world, we find music in the forms of radios, mobile phones, televisions, concerts, competitions, and shows, all these things take us towards music. We find great singers all over the world who have God-gifted precious voices. I would like to give my salute to all the great singers and musicians out there.

Listening music for keep calm

Music is at the heart of creativity.

 Our creativity is fueled by music that nourishes the intellect. A creative mind can discover and invent new things. Great minds and intellectuals such as Mozart, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Albert Einstein had a habit of constantly experimenting with their imagination and ingenuity.


 When a person listens to instrumental music, they are invited to listen and compose a story about what they hear.

Likewise, playing an instrument can convey a message without using words. Both require optimal right brain activity that engages both intelligence and creativity. All forms of art, including literature, painting, dance, and theater, can produce this same effect.

Music education can be used to engage young people in educating them and getting them off the streets. Instead of running around and messing around, your child can hone their piano skills or practice music with a friend.

Unfortunately, some music genres can harm children. It is well known that music can influence the way we act, think, and speak. Vulgar and offensive lyrics can harm children.

The spiritual power of music.

 Although there is no concrete evidence to support this, there are many hypotheses that music preceded the development of mankind. The most famous use of music was in religious and sacred tribal ceremonies. During the era of the Maya civilization, music was played to commemorate victories in battle and even at the funerals of important people.

Road singing

 The choral music used for church prayer in the Middle Ages is one of the oldest extant examples of music.

 Much attention has been paid to the structure and use of specific harmonies to awaken spiritual experiences.

Music can set the mood and feel the emotions.

Music takes me on a long journey in my head. Listening to music can make you feel like time has stopped. Music can also mean mobility. They are all related to the five human senses.

You probably remember a time when a song made you really happy or really sad. But how can an ordered tone affect our senses in this way? No one knows exactly why or where it came from, but several studies have been done to prove that there is a consensus about the feelings associated with certain scales, chords, and harmonies.

Music brings people together

The great thing about music is how deeply rooted it is in each of us. Everyone can understand it if they allow themselves to feel something. It's amazing to play music with other musicians. Some liken it to a group of people being washed down a river.

live concert

When you work on music, you develop a certain type of relationship. The same goes for people dancing while listening to music in a group. These behaviours are rooted in human history and scientific progress. It has been seen on many occasions that people approach each other if they play good music and make new connections.

In a nutshell, music can affect an individual’s mood and behaviour. It is not just a word it’s an emotion. Music soothes me, you, and us. It unites us. It is healing for every soul. 

About the Author

Srishti Nangia is a 20-year-old content writer from Gurugram Haryana. She is currently pursuing her graduation in business administration. She is a good learner and loves to read and write. She shows her full determination and passion for her work.

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