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Overcoming procrastination – A guide to a more productive life

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Procrastination is the act of deferring tasks until later. You are aware of its consequences but still can’t help but procrastinate. It is a human tendency to avoid doing any task at a given time and wait for the moment of the end to do it. But it leaves us unprepared and anxious the whole while.

How to stop procrastination?

Students leave the whole year syllabus for ‘’tomorrow’’ and when the exams approach they try to cover it one day before appearing for it. Indeed, nothing beats relaxing for the entire semester and then cramming for exams the day before.

But is cramming beneficial in the long run? Not only will last-minute preparations leave you exhausted, but you will also easily forget what you have studied just after the exams.

Likewise, employees leave their tasks for the last minute, and when they have a meeting or presentation in a few days they rush to complete their work, which leaves them exhausted. Procrastination can be a result of laziness, demotivation, bad habits, and much more. But most importantly, how do we stop procrastinating?

1. Avoid multitasking

A pile of work is hard to manage in a short period of time. Therefore, time management is the key. Priorities you work and complete it in order.

When your mind is in several places, you won’t be able to concentrate and only end up confused and entangled in your work. Finish one thing you are doing and then move on to the other. Remember perfection is not the key here, but progress is.

Eliminating distraction leads to productivity

2. Divide your task into smaller parts

Tasks can be divided into smaller tasks for clarity and conciseness, motivating you to complete them since it looks easy to do. You can break your chapters into smaller parts and more manageable to complete.

10 micro-Productive things to do in your free time

Weekends are supposed to be nights out, clubbing and watching Netflix while swallowing a whole pizza and soda but if you are taking a break from all of this and are bored from this routine I bring to you a few micro-productive things that can help you in boredom. You always leave the following for the next day but never follow through. If you are reading this here is your sign to get them done.

1. Clearing and replying your emails

2. Journaling

3. Walk in nature

4. Baking and cooking

5. Read news, random facts, and articles

6. Follow through with your skincare routine

7. Planting or gardening

8. Clear your desk

9. Do your laundry and fold them?

10. Spend your time with family

doing micro-productive things

3. Start with the most difficult task

''Face your fears', do what you are most afraid of. For students, start with the most difficult chapter in the morning when your motivation to do work is at a peak.

When you feel highly motivated to do your work, start with the most difficult one. Use a timer while you do it. In the morning, the brain works freshly and it’s the right time to strike off the task you were too afraid to do.

4. Eliminating distractions

While working, your fingers may wander to hold your phone to check for new messages. Even your bed may tempt you to sleep, so work away from your bed and put your phone away. Keep your resources organized and easy to access away from all the clutter.

cut off any distraction

5. Overcoming fear

Fear of failure, the disappointment of parents, and failure to meet expectations all have an impact on you. Because when you are afraid of failing at a task, you begin to put it off because you do not want to face it.

New gained confidence

Once you ‘’face your fears’’ and you defeat them, you come one step closer to being more confident. Once it passes away, you will no longer see it devouring you. You become more positive about your chances of achieving success.

Learning from mistakes

Mistakes play a huge role in learning. In infancy, due to earth’s gravity, a child stumbles, falls, and gets up, only to fall again and that’s how it learns to walk and that’s how life’s gravity pushes and pulls you, always testing and teasing the difference, being only a few of us have someone to catch us. Bruises from the fall are evidence of your experience and strength. Therefore, no need to be ashamed of making mistakes.

6. Sustaining productive habits

Last but not least, here comes the most difficult but not impossible step. When motivation strikes you first hand, you do not procrastinate, but it does not become our habit.

That’s why it comes as a challenge to commence or finish off a task leading to procrastination. A productive day may vary from person to person, however but it must include waking up early, meditation, health, and hygiene so that when you go to bed at night you don’t feel guilty about wasting your precious time.

how to sustain habits?


If it comes to any comfort, know that almost everyone procrastinates but successful people have vouched for consistency wherever you are in life. Procrastination does not always equate to laziness.

Take smaller steps while making sure you track your success and appreciate yourself more. Whatever you are putting your efforts into today will be reciprocated someday so that one day you will thank yourself for starting early.

About the author

Priti Kumari Rajak is a new content writer with an English major. She was born on May 26, 2003, in Kharagpur, West Bengal, and is currently in Bhubaneswar for her graduation. She reads a lot and could probably talk about books all day. She is always eager to learn new skills and never cowers away from hard work. She is a dedicated and orderly individual who has a passion for writing.

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