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Real best friends

You might have many best friends in your life. A girl or a boy or your parents, but in this I am talking about a Non-living thing. Books can be our nearest or the farthest best friend in our lives. But yes books are our best friends at any cost whether they are kept away from us or lying beside us.

It is so fascinating to me that we have books from ancient times and from centuries long gone. The mere fact that people preserve them is mind blowing to me. It is something I cannot wrap my mind around, that we have the privilege to read something that hundreds of generations have read and loved. To open a book like that doesn't only take you to another world but another time period entirely. 

At the age of 18, I experienced the first book reading pleasure by the influence of my uncle. He told me to read a book and gave me a description that one must read this book at least once in his life. And that advice had changed my whole opinion about book reading. Earlier I used to be very shocked that how can anyone read these fictional, non-fictional books? I can't even read my academic books. It was the first book that I have read and after that I have read many books. 

Why are books our best friends?

  • Provides you knowledge - books are mainly known for providing knowledge, mainly our textbooks or academic books. But books out of our curriculum are the best books to provide you with the knowledge of life. There are many books available online or offline. You can go for it. 

  • They never judge- the books never judge you in any situation. If you cry, laugh or get angry, if you have worn torn clothes or are wearing a three piece suit, whether you are sitting on a bed or at the footpath they never judge you like others. Instead they will provide a solution to your every problem. 

  • Best secret keepers- they are the best secret keepers, you can tell anything at any time without the fear of getting rumored. They never tell anyone. 

  • Available at any time- the books are available at any time. You can have access to these books according to your time. Your other best friend might be busy or not available when many things go into your mind. You need someone to.who can share your feelings at that particular time, then your book best friend is the most appropriate option. 

  • Never ask for anything- the books never ask anything from you, whether you respect them or not, whether you talk with them or not or share your feelings with them. They won't ask for your time, there is no give and take relationship, instead they only give whatever you want from a piece of information to the maximum time you want. 

  • They never hurt- the books are very kind and polite, they neither hurt you from their actions nor by their words. Instead you can get angry, scold them and they will never question you back. 

By these above points you came to know that books are our real best friends, it doesn't mean that we don't make humans as our friends or leave our existing friends. If you have friends who like books then you are blessed with the gift of god. But if you don't have any friend or feeling lonely then for few days go and talk to books to recover your loneliness and for a good friendships.

About The Author:

Noor Mehta, a 19-year-old from Punjab India. As a student of management, she became a blogger when she was 18 years old. She loves to read and has an optimistic outlook on life. She is eager to express her feelings and thoughts through for the first time. She has rich experience working with different niche websites.


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