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Regretting is killing you

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Regretting is a dangerous thought, just like all the other thoughts we have every day. How is regretting different from other emotions and thoughts? Actually being sorry for something is not different from dwelling on such memories when we lost something or did something which we were not meant to.

Some people say that they don't have regrets for anything, but deep down they know that they do, but is it okay to carry regrets around? Yes, we should feel it, but it is just an emotion. We can either feed it or keep it out of our minds by focusing on much more meaningful matters.

Regretting is killing you

Let’s see what we can do to get out of this awful web.

We know the thing or action we are regretting now. The most likely reason behind it is this: each individual lives a different life and has different circumstances in their life. However, that doesn't mean you did something more harmful than others.

In the majority of cases, we compare our pain and our losses to others and realize that we lost much more than they did. Others do not understand why you regret what you did.

Narrow perception by regretting

In reality, regret only sets in when we narrow our perspective about life and responsibility; it occurs when we keep telling ourselves that we did this and we could have done something else instead; don't you know that once the time has passed it will never come back? You are well aware of it, but you wish for just one thing.

The wise are the ones that see this in a different light and see their way out of the web of regret. They understand how telling ourselves that we did this thing wrong or that we lost something that we loved only pushes them into a dark room of directionless-ness.

Can we also find a way out of this problem?

Definitely, we can do this too. It's not as if one day you will wake up and all your regrets and regretful memories will just disappear. No, it will not happen.

You have to take responsibility to manage your life and you need to understand that not everything you did, was your choice. However, you did it because you found it right at that time, If you think you have done something wrong at any point in your life, that can only be justified by you.

Losing someone ends in a regret

This is because whatever you have lost today or yesterday is definitely the result of your choice. Only regret won’t get back anything or undo any action of yours,

There is a difference between regret and repentance.

If you think what you did was wrong, regret will not make it right again, and neither will repentance. However, repentance can make you feel better if you try to change the things in the present or future,

You need to learn from your past and take your mistakes as a lesson. This can change your thought process as well as your perspective towards life and its complications.

Most of the time we try to tell ourselves that we will change what we did. But that’s not true. You need to let it go, and prepare yourself to prevent such actions from becoming your next regret in life,

According to Chankya- you need to learn from other people's mistakes, your life is not long enough to learn from your own mistakes,

In addition, if you have an idol in your life, then you should also realize that all achievers we observe have lost something they loved and even made some mistakes they regretted. About it.

However, they turned that regret into a lesson for themselves. They corrected the root cause of the regret and then moved on. This is how they become smart and intelligent in handling regrets in their lives.

How to get out from a regret

Now if you have decided that you will not fall into the trap of regret you need to do a few things on a daily basis. This will ensure that you are conscious of your life and your goals.

Whenever we repeat our thoughts, regret becomes stronger than before, and it is a demon that feeds on repetition.

You need to focus on more meaningful things and don't let yourself set free most of the time, since whenever you sit idle, such things come into your mind.

In any case, if you have some free time, try something new, like music, gym, books, or anything else. Don't waste your time regretting it.

Research about your role in what you regret about:

Once you have done your research, are you sure it was really you who was responsible for what happened? If you had a clearer vision, you might have been able to calculate all these things that happened now.

Occasionally, we may blame ourselves for the things that have happened to others or for circumstances outside of our control.

One other major reason to feed our regret in our life is that we are not happy with our current life and what we have right now.

There are quite a few people around you who will tell you that those were the days, they were better than them, and so on, but we must open our eyes and appreciate what we have now, or we may regret losing them in the future due to negligence.

Don't compare your past or future when you feel regretting about something or someone

If you want to replace your habit of regretting with another one, then it should be praising those things you have in your life right now.

This includes your work, your family, your friends, and your achievements. In addition, if you think that you have less than what you had in the past, you need to work on your own, you need to get a much better, much-improved future for yourself, and that can only be achieved by working on your current situation, not your past.

Regret is not a habit to keep. If you are conscious of the gift of life and its beauty, you must let your regrets go. You must start living a more fulfilling life, where the majority of your focus is directed into the present and your future, and not dwelling on your past.

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