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Sometimes separation is love

Sometimes separation is love

You get hurt when our loved ones leave us for someone else or for any other reasons. And yes it's very obvious we can't see our loved ones getting detached from us. It's a bitter truth in this world that we can't hold a person forever in our life.

Every person comes for a purpose and goes with teaching you many life lessons. But you all have to understand that forever is a myth. No one can stay forever in your life whether they are your family members, friends or your relationship. Every relation has a fixed time which is pre-written in the books of mighty.

How to handle separation in love

Reality of love in detachment

The mighty, who has decided all good things for us, is the holder of our happiness. He had removed all the toxic people from our lives for our benefit only. If anyone does bad to you, you can forgive him once, twice or thrice but after that you will say goodbye to that person who hurt you before.

Now talking about a relationship between a boy or a girl who they claim to be in love with or a married couple. Every relationship faces ups and downs in their lives, whether a married couple or a boyfriend and girlfriend which is all okay.

But a toxic relationship came to an end in the form of a breakup or a divorce. Your partner may cheat you or any other reason that hurts you a lot. Many of you might lose your senses about what's happening around you. But you have to keep this in mind the right person made for you will always be there for you, stand by you and will never leave you at any cost.

Handling separation in love

But if you truly love the person you will let them go and it's also a love. Don't get shocked guys, yes it's also love. Suppose one of your body parts gets injured very badly and doctor advice is to cut it permanently otherwise you will not survive.

So your priority is to cut that part happily or sadly. Many of your answers will be happy as it will save your life but somehow many of you think sadly to cut your body part but think it will give you benefit afterwards. Parents detach their child from them to grow, to learn from the outside world, to become a successful person, this is also a love.

A tree shed its leaves, which is a painful process but it has to be done otherwise the tree will not grow. Same is in the life of a person, if you will hold a toxic person for a lifetime you can't move on into your life. It will decline your growth and will not allow you to meet or continue your life with another person.

Many of the youngsters are going into depression. According to the reports, most of the Indian youngsters who are suffering from depression are men. Men are holding more emotions inside them than women. It's an authentic thinking of our society that men are not allowed to cry, if they cry people judge them as a coward. This is a request to all men that you are allowed to cry, you can feel free to express your emotions to everyone to whom you feel comfortable without feeling of being judged.

Overcoming the loss of separation

Depression and overthinking is not the solution to any problem. Instead, moving on and letting go of things will lead to a happy life and will reduce the pain of separation. If you want to check any person's reality, just separate them for a few days and you will get to know how close they are to you. If your separation doesn't matter then make a line of separation from them permanently. As your appearance or disappearance doesn't matter to them. A real person will ask you a fake and will let you go.

Getting out from separation in love

Separation in love with mutual understanding between two people is a different level of separation. As no one is in trouble after separation. But if your partner has left you for some reason then also it's fine, you are the strongest person who has let your loved one go and live their own life, as you have loved that person truly. In the end, breakups and divorce are all equally okay.

About The Author:

Noor Mehta, a 19-year-old from Punjab India. As a student of management, she became a blogger when she was 18 years old. She loves to read and has an optimistic outlook on life. She is eager to express her feelings and thoughts through for the first time. She has rich experience working with different niche websites.


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