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Things You Should Never Tolerate in a Relationship


Love, with all its delightful sweetness, is a rather complex phenomenon that can start to taste painfully bitter in no time. You may fall so hard in love that you begin to overlook all of the perturbing behaviors of your loved ones. Their actions might wreak havoc on your mental state and inner well-being.

Yet deluded with love, you might perpetuate their toxicity by not standing up to those toxic patterns and obscenities. Drowned deep into the sugary romance, you might become blind to everything you should never tolerate in a relationship. Let us thus discuss the unsettling characteristics of a relationship that you should utterly watch out for!

Things You Should Never Tolerate in a Relationship

What are the Things You Should Never Tolerate in a Relationship?

From physical and mental abuse to instituting power and control, the morbidities of an unhealthy relationship are manifold.

Physical Abuse

Often beginning with a slight bruise, physical abuse, in due course, can render you with more than a black eye. Gradually building up, physical violence can, bit by bit, turn detrimental.

The abuser may hit, punch, slap, lock, or even tie you up in a confined place. Thus, that which initially seemed like nothing can later become life-threatening.

Therefore, at the first sign of physical hurt, one should run for the hills and never return. Establishing terror and dominance through physical violence is obnoxious and needs to be retaliated immediately. For such a repellent act, there is absolutely no room for compromise. No apologies can thus suffice!

Mental Abuse

The concept of a relationship is based upon mutual emotional fulfillment. When this very base seems feeble, you can almost believe there is something fishy.

Mental abuse, although devoid of physically visible wounds, is as damaging as physical abuse and can be taken as a significant component, among things you should never tolerate in a relationship. It takes place very subtly and is often difficult to recognize.

Your partner may gaslight you into questioning your sanity, belittle you persistently, love-bomb you into manipulation, or try to control you by displaying hot and cold behavior.

The soul-shattering silent treatment is also one of the significant weapons employed by mental abusers. All of the above inevitably lead to a predestined end, an adverse effect on your self-concept.

Pointing Out Your Insecurities

In love and relationships, intimacy is a must. In close bonds, we open up. Being as raw as we can be, we unravel our weaknesses and vulnerabilities before the other.

However, sometimes it can come at an excruciating cost. Our partner may later pick on us for our insecurities. Manipulators bank on such events.

Have one argument with them, and they will, out of the blue, shove in your face the details of your insecure moments. Pinching you where it hurts, they will keep in mind to constantly remind you of things that undermine your self-confidence.

You will always wonder why you never feel good enough with such people. With a long-term relationship with them, your sense of self will be downgraded to a manageable mess.

Disrespecting Your Decisions

Intimacy and emotional connection do not entail all about relationships. A deep respect is crucial, marked by a heartfelt appreciation for a person's individuality.

Every person is unique and bears a personal set of values, ethics, and integrity. In alliance with these, distinct individuals make different choices. In a relationship, these choices need to be respected.

Not everyone can believe in the same principles. Not all and sundry can find meaning in identical actions. A disrespect for our decisions is a disregard for us, to the core of our beings. Demeaning our choices means condemning who we indeed are. Thus, a relationship in which we are not valued for being ourselves is not worth the investment.

Repeating Mistakes

Your partner commits a mistake that injures your sentiments, only to beg for an apology and repeat it. Even after incessantly expressing agony over the action, your significant other continues to pierce your heart with spiteful behavior. The indiscretions know no end.

Your hurt has now turned into a matter of no consequence for your partner.

When somebody, after perpetual warnings, does stuff that threatens to jeopardize your wellness is undoubtedly no longer bound by any sense of care, let alone love. In such a pitiable case, no tips on how to make your relationship better can work.

Taking Control Over One's Actions

Masters of the art of manipulation are control seekers. Shrewd as they are, very slyly, they manipulate your behavior into gratifying their desires and needs. Being incomprehensibly rigid, no one can make them do what they disagree with. Ultimately, you are forced to bend yourself for the relationship to progress.

You might not even realize you have been groomed into a puppet. They may dismantle your support system. They may even threaten to inflict hurt, abandon, or expose private information. Generating guilt by playing the victim is their favorite method of establishing dominance.

Eventually, a point would come when they would secure governance over the smallest of your choices and decisions. Your life would then be left at the hands of a megalomaniac, after which it would proceed toward the darkest hell. Thereby, yelling a big fat no at the slightest indication of control is what would save you from living a nightmare.

Obsessive Jealousy

While considering the question of how to improve a relationship, jealousy is often a problematic factor that is targeted. A deep fear of losing loved ones often instills paranoia in our brains. Obsessively wondering about their whereabouts, we may doubt their loyalty.

We might dread a third party breaking into our la-la land and stealing away our much-prized possession. However, it might instead be an irrational fear, which, upon reassurance, should somewhat be dispelled. Nevertheless, if no amount of affirmation from our partner quells our internal agitation, it might escalate into obsessive jealousy.

The concept of a relationship is built on the foundation of faith and trust. Brimming with suspicion, our partner might continually insist on going through our phones.

They might even attempt to impede our connection with those of the opposite gender. Such coercive behavior is deal-breaking and must be viewed as one of the significant things you should never tolerate in a relationship.

Comparing to Others

It has been said that comparison is the thief of all joys. One should never compare one's life to that of another, let alone their partner. Every person has distinct traits.

Comparing those of your partner to someone else's is utter disrespect. It's as if you are aiming to portray how someone else is one step ahead of your significant other. This can give rise to feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and jealousy in him/her.

With persistent comparisons on your face, you may feel like you can never live up to your partner's ideal mate. Such feelings can negatively impact your self-esteem in the long run. Thus, such comparisons should never be condoned.

Physical or mental abuse in a relationship


The above blog is about relationships and how they, at times, can comprise unacceptable characteristics. Pondering how to make your relationship better is one step toward eliminating its sometimes-troublesome manifestations.

Arming yourself against these telltale signs is much required to retain your peace and sanity. Often going unnoticed, these toxicities can work like slow poison if endured for a long time. Thus, keeping our eyes wide open, we must not brush aside something as fatal as these subtle exploitations.

How to improve your relationship becomes secondary when the very basis could be more robust. Hence, shielding ourselves as soon as these indications manifest can work to protect us from their ill effects.

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