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Turn your Intent into your Will Power

How does it feel when you find that every intention you have turns into strong will power of your own? It only happens when you have a strong reason to achieve something, it only happens when your dreams are really meaningful to you.

There is no shortage of things that people want to achieve in their lives, however, their intention to act on those things is not substantial enough to achieve success.

So we're talking about our intentions here and how we can turn them into our willpower.

Having a goal or a clear vision of the goal:

You might ask someone if they have a vision or goal in their life, and they might lie to you or half-heartedly tell you that yes, they do. However, most people don't even think about it because they are already comfortable. They don't see a need to learn something new to make themselves better than yesterday, so they don't even show a little bit of interest.

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Leave such people behind and start working on yourself. It's true, we don't need to take advice from such people around us. Now it's time to ask yourself what are your goals and vision for life, and how committed are you to achieving them.

List down the Motives that can energize your intentions:

Your mind is likely full of a multitude of desires and wishes that you will most likely name as your desires for life. These desires include a better career opportunity, advancement in the current job, personal success, and many others.

First, you must write it down on paper. Yes, this is a simple way to keep things in mind and recall them when you feel inspired, motivated, and ready to take action for your goals. For the plan to be fulfilled, a systematic approach to planning is crucial. It is easy to write down your goals, and the date that you expect them to be met. It gives one an idea of how much time is left and what actions need to be taken.

You can even prioritize your goals and divide your time and energy according to the time they need from you. You work in an organization and you want to succeed. For example, you must be aware of what you are doing and how you can improve it.

You can take advantage of the certification training and other learning opportunities available within your organization, and if that isn't possible, you can look into getting such classes from outside, and you must balance your time with your responsibilities and goals - it requires your full commitment.

Note down your goals on a paper

You can’t just have the desire for all those, you have to accept it as your intention to achieve all this and keep remind yourself how important it for you until your intention start taking shape of your willpower.

Turn your actions into a habit, not as a need:

We do a lot of things every day of our lives as part of our habitual routines. Make a list of your habits. Do a brief research on them. Are all the habits you have helping you in both your professional and personal growth? If not enough, then you should adopt a few new habits and perhaps quite a few too.

It's not an easy task to quit habits, but in practice, it is possible to replace them with another habit. This sounds much more possible than just quitting a habit. In fact, you can start reading a book every day for 30 minutes instead of watching television or using your phone.

It may seem like a small amount of time but you realize that you still have time to refresh your mind by watching TV or using your mobile device, and you also learn something new by reading a book on self-help, technology, or the field you are serving right now.

It won't change your routine instantly, but slowly you will become someone who has the intention to do more. This will enable you to achieve more, and most importantly, to feel disciplined in yourself. This is the time when you need to think about how you can strengthen your intentions so that your willpower will strengthen.

Persistency is a boon for intentions:

The persistent person always sees the value of constant effort and the results that come from it. A person's intention can be high or low in intensity, but if he or she works on it consistently and persistently, we can minimize any deviation in intensity. This is because when the intention matches our willpower; we can achieve whatever we aim for.

Persistency is a boon

If you have the willpower, you can develop into a persistent person in your life. Rather than simply wanting something, you will begin making your intentions a reality by doing a little bit more, learning a little bit more, and performing a little bit more than what you used to perform.

By becoming a persistent person, we give water to the plant of our intentions, and it helps us in achieving our life goals. Our desires reach out at the level when we become more passionate about achieving anything, and our willpower grows strong.

In reality, it is just a discussion about how our intentions translate into our willpower. However, you need to understand for yourself that you are making such sacrifices to help yourself. Do you know that a simple intention can be strengthened into strong willpower that can help you achieve your goals?

It is and was always the simplest rule which was followed by many successful people around the world. We just need to accept that we do not have weak willpower. We just need to feed our intentions enough for them to turn into willpower.

A person is only as strong as his/her willpower to achieve goals, but they still have intentions to achieve a lot. It is just a matter of connecting them and starting to work on them together.

Success stories are written by your intent and your will. Your efforts towards turning your intentions into willpower will certainly lead to bigger achievements than you have reached so far. You just need to take action.

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