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Yoga: The Way to a Happy Soul

 What do we mean by "yoga"?

The native word from which yoga has been derived is yuj, which means unity or to join. It helps us connect our body to our mind, which is known as a "union." It also helps us connect with the surroundings and the beauty of nature.

Benefits of Yoga

Lord Shiva, as the oldest known yogi, is said to have passed on his wisdom to the Saptarishis, a group of seven learned men. They then spread this knowledge—that people can grow beyond their physical limits—in seven different directions and places.

Yoga is primarily a spiritual practice that focuses on the harmony of mind and body. It is based on a very delicate science. Yoga is a science and an art that leads to a healthy and happy life.


What are yoga poses and asanas?


Yoga asanas, also known as yoga poses, are postures practiced for the benefit of the body and mind. Our ancestors have been practicing yoga for centuries, so the idea is not new to our culture, and more and more people are beginning to understand its meaning and practice it.

yoga aasans and poses

Studies show that practicing yoga poses can improve a person's flexibility, heart and digestive health, weight loss, and many other health outcomes. A few safety precautions should be kept in mind when beginning yoga poses for beginners. These will only improve your experience and bring you more benefits.

Yoga should only be practiced when you are calm. Yoga practice should not be done when sick or tired. Yoga practice should never be done quickly. One should practice yoga asanas slowly and as instructed.  The following are some of the most important yoga poses:

• Sukhasana

• Tadasana

• Dhanur Asana

• Trikonasana

• Bhujangasana, etc.


Yoga and meditation as an art


Many people often wonder why meditation is an important aspect of yoga and why should we meditate after or before performing yoga. Though yoga has many benefits, one of them is that it allows us to get into meditation without putting any effort. Meditation is a very important aspect of yoga so it is very essential to sit for meditation along with performing yoga asanas.

yoga and meditation

Doing yoga without meditation is very incomplete work. Meditation helps people to concentrate on themselves and brings them peace of mind. Though there are different ways to perform meditation they are the same in one or the other way. It helps people to manage the stress and anxiety happening in their busy schedules. It relieves tiredness.


Why is yoga necessary?


When yoga is practiced continuously, it can do wonders for the human body. It beautifully connects a person’s body to the soul when practiced regularly. It invites the various disciplines of mind and brings peace. It boosts stress management, keeps away anxiety, and brings relaxation. It increases muscle flexibility and strength while also toning the body. It improves the respiratory system and boosts energy simultaneously. It is not only stretching but much more. Regular practice helps reduce weight and increases immunity. This custom has been around for 5,000 years. It represents a holistic approach to balancing man and nature, the integration of mind and body, thought and action, restraint and fulfilment, and health and well-being. The goal is to be at one with yourself, the rest of the world, and nature, not sports.


The importance of yoga for students


Yoga has long-term benefits for students if practiced frequently. This is because yoga promotes control of the mind rather than the body, improving physical and mental health. Now let's look at the importance of yoga in student life. Yoga helps students improve their attention span. Now you know that increasing your attention level is the only proven way to improve your test performance.

Improve concentration by yoga

In addition, yoga promotes physical fitness by improving sleep, relieving headaches, balancing blood pressure, reducing tardiness, increasing self-confidence, and, most importantly, sharpening the mind. There is no doubt that yoga is an effective way to reduce stress. Focusing on your breathing and posture can help you forget your problems and challenges. You'll feel better and be able to direct your energy better so that you feel better all the time. Adaptability in practicing yoga can make both the body and mind more flexible. A variety of postures will not only help you develop a flexible body but also give you a sense of security and help you shift your perspective.


Yoga helps in gaining self-discipline


When we have a busy schedule and after a hectic day we think of exercise, it is quite obvious that people feel lazy. It requires a lot of determination along with time and effort while performing yoga. Yoga is now known to be the holistic part of performing the exercise. Yoga is literally practiced throughout the world in a different forms. People give so much respect to yoga and it flushes out negative energies and focuses on positive energy. Each form of yoga practice has its own benefits and requirements. It teaches people the power of self-discipline and makes people learn patience. It is well known that those people who have a disciplined life and are hardworking, only get success in life. These are all teachings of yoga.

yoga fitness tips

In a nutshell, yoga has many health benefits, which is why many people have taken it up to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is worth noting that postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques are included. Thus, those who practice yoga may experience a range of benefits for their physical and mental health. For example, exercise helps people find inner peace while lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.

Therefore, yoga has been shown to have positive effects on the body and mind when practiced consistently and mindfully. It teaches people that consistency is the key to achieving anything great in life. Different age groups get different help in their life by performing yoga. Like students get help in managing stress out of their busy study schedules and give them the required energy and flexibility. It helps adults to burst out the pressure out of hectic job schedules. That is why we call yoga an art and a science, as it could do wonders to the human body when performed consistently.


About The Author: Noor Mehta, a 19-year-old from Punjab India. As a student of management, she became a blogger when she was 18 years old. She loves to read and has an optimistic outlook on life. She is eager to express her feelings and thoughts through for the first time. She has rich experience working with different niche websites.

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