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You don’t believe it, you won’t get it

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

If you want something in your life, you must first believe in it. Your belief has an amazing power to generate things in your life. Let's see what a simple belief can do for you.

We will begin by telling you a small story about a village where drought hits one year. Crop after crop is destroyed and humans and animals are in need of water everywhere. One day all the people of the village decided to organize a prayer in the village temple to ask for rain.

You don't believe it, you won't get it

The date and time were decided and everyone started gathering for the prayer. But an interesting thing happened there, only one boy brought an umbrella to the prayer.

The villagers laughed and one of them asked that boy, “We are gathered here to pray for rain in the village because of a drought, and you carried an umbrella with you.

The boy replied, “I believe that our prayers must be answered, so I brought the umbrella with me. If you really want it to rain, then you have to be prepared for it."

In this article, we will talk about how much you trust your beliefs. This is because if the strength of your beliefs is not strong enough, then there is little chance of you getting what you want.

A strong believe

Your achievements are directly related to your beliefs. When you have a crack in your belief it is more difficult to get something through you.

The core foundation of your achievements is your belief. Never forget that before you achieve your desired outcomes, you must strengthen your beliefs.

Having goals is an invaluable part of life that you have learned about. In order to succeed in life, you are told to set goals by your family, friends, and coaches.

Setting up goals

There are many approaches to setting a goal; the most popular is to make your goal SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. You are never told that you need to believe you can achieve it.

It is pointless to calculate all these things without a belief. The key is to trust your gut instinct that it will come true.

Meditating Lady

For you, your belief is a motivating factor. It gives you reasons for having a desire to get something, and desire pushes you to work hard for it.

You can't achieve anything without doing what needs to be done. There are many mistakes you can make en route to reaching a goal or achieving a purpose, but your belief keeps you on course.

People around you will test your beliefs from time to time. They may plant a seed in your mind that you are on the wrong path. This is because you are trying to reach impossible goals.

As such, your way of working is not right for achieving such goals, and many others. Your beliefs are blown away by these words.

Doubts kill believes

As long as you continue to believe in your abilities and your beliefs, it's now your responsibility to not only protect your beliefs from such attacks, but to make them even stronger by maintaining them.

Your belief determines the strength of the actions you are likely to take. More actions generate more results and give you a better chance of success. Therefore, we can say your beliefs are what create your actions and results.

Strength of a belief

However, the main thing that interests me here is: how do you know that your beliefs are correct? It is very imperative to adopt beliefs carefully, since beliefs can be changed very easily.

A right belief is one which has been validated by theories and research. A validated belief becomes a conviction, and a convicted person can achieve much more than a confused one.

A single belief in life can lead you to prosperity and success, but another belief can ruin all your efforts over time. So choose your beliefs wisely. It is a necessity to test your beliefs and keep them strong, because if you don't believe it, you won’t get it.

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Kimmo Uusimaki
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