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Your issues do matter!

Your issues don't matter. Your emotions are not valid. Your pain is not real. Who are you to say that to someone?

Stop spreading such toxicity, please. Never ever tell someone that their issues don't matter. Or that their pain is not valid. Or that there are people who are suffering far more than they are. That's the worst statement you can ever say to someone who's already struggling with life, happiness, and peace of mind. Instead of helping them heal, you're putting them on a guilt trip instead.

Your issues do matter

Rather than comforting them, you're making them feel guilty for their suffering. Until and unless you step into their shoes, you have absolutely no right to tell them to not feel the way they feel. Listen, if you can't make things any better for them, then for god's sake, stay away from them.

Don't make things harder. They don't want the stupid life lessons that you've read somewhere. They know they shouldn't isolate themselves. They know they shouldn't stay in bed all day.

They know all of that crap. It's just that for depressed and anxious people, not every day is the same. Some days are harder than others. Some days feel so difficult that even getting out of bed feels like a huge, heavy task.

And listen, they aren't lazy okay? Don't ever call them lazy. It's just that they are so badly drained emotionally and mentally that it starts to impact their day-to-day life and their physical well-being as well. Calling them unproductive and lazy is a direct attack on their self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Feeling lazy today

And listen, there's no universal rule to stay productive all day, every day. Rest days also count as productive sometimes. Taking out time for your emotional and mental well-being is also productive.

Listen, my dear, you're not lazy okay? Neither are you unproductive. You're just taking care of yourself. You're just looking after your mental and emotional well-being. Baby, you're putting in all the energy you have to simply survive through the tough days.

Because that's the best you can do my dear. It's not you, my dear. It's your disease sweetie. You're ambitious. You're courageous. You're just amazing. Get your self-esteem up and feel proud of yourself that you were brave enough to get through the day. That shows how strong you are.

Anybody suffering from mental health issues, simply wants you to just be there for them. Be approachable. Just listen to them. Give them a safe space to vent their emotions. That's all they expect from you. And that's the best you can do for them.

Make them feel that they are loved and valued. Make them feel that you care. Tell them that they matter to you, how much they mean to you. Offer them support. Stick to them. Show them that they aren't alone.

Talking to loved ones

You never know what someone might be going through and what impact your little words of kindness could have on someone. And c'mon, nothing wrong gonna happen to you in return for your kindness. Kindness comes free of cost my dear.

And look, the Universe gives you back, what you give to it. You give away love and kindness, and that's what you gonna receive back from the universe. That's the power of the universe and the almighty. That's the magic that works behind the scenes.

And most importantly, please don't judge them for anything. If you don't know what it feels like to live their life then just shut up. Just ssshhhh!
Be silent sometimes

If you can't do any good for them, you better leave them alone. They aren't looking for your sympathy in the first place.

It takes a lot of courage and guts to open up to someone about your issues and disease. If someone trusts you enough to share their story with you, stand with them.

Support them. In their time of need, you're the one they trusted enough with their problems. And it's a damn big deal for someone who's struggling with anything.

Listen, my dear, you're not alone in this. You're a child of the universe, and the universe will take care of you. And no matter what someone says. You're loved, valued, needed and worthy of the best. Your issues do matter.

Your emotions are valid. Your pain is real. And you're definitely not lazy or unproductive.

Take care of yourself!

Lots of love!

Happy healing!

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Prakrati Maheshwari
Prakrati Maheshwari

Prakrati Maheshwari, born on April 9,2000, is a 22 year old, blogger turned author. She is a Chartered Accountancy student, a simple girl from Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) India. She began writing when she was 14. She started her blog 'Unwind Emotions' in 2020. She self published her debut book 'Unwind Emotions' in 2022. Her passion and love for writing is what keeps her soul happy. She dreams of becoming a successful writer with a balanced corporate career. She writes for young adults and wishes to become a best selling author.

You can connect with her on

You can also buy her debut book 'Unwind Emotions' from the above link.

Happy healing!

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