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How to feel more attractive?

Attractiveness is an abstract concept; different people may find different qualities in a person more admirable. Beauty does not always equate to love and success, but a good personality and charisma are attainable and change people’s perceptions of you.

It can improve your first impression, position, station in life, friendship, marriage, and job prospects.Taking great care of yourself and feeling good about your body plays a vital role in your emotional and physical well-being. Take out your me-time and follow along with the following tips to feel more attractive.

1. Confidence

Attractiveness can be achieved with confidence. Begin by believing in yourself and giving yourself credit. The more you feel like you have a set standard for what you want out of life, you start to value yourself. Cherishing, appreciation, and regard for self begin with you.

  • Boasting sets people off always muttering about yourself and your achievement is not a good way to attract someone. Let your actions show.

  • A person who is a good listener is considered as exuding more confidence and listening is an admirable quality one can find in a person.

  • Active interaction with people, warm welcomes, initiating and engaging in meaningful conversation, meeting new people, jokes, and laughter all contribute to your sense of charm and admirability.

confidence makes you attractive

2. Self-care

Self-care is a simple concept in which you are aware of your needs and bring about a positive change in your state of mind and body.

It is no denying that looks matter well, at least for most things. Drinking plenty of water, taking valuable nutrients, and putting effort into skin and hair care can make a big difference in your appearance.

Do things that make you happy like going shopping, listening to music, indulging in reading, drawing, etc.

how skin care makes you look more attractive?

3. Body odor

You must have seen a commercial where the man puts perfume on himself and all the girls come following. Well, it may not be the case that you get swarmed by the opposite sex while you run down the street just because you bought that perfume.

Studies have found that perfumes giving you a good smell or body odor do matter in attracting someone. It makes you more noticeable and makes others feel sensual emotions toward you.

Most women prefer to wear sweet and floral perfume as they make them smell more feminine.

A more manly perfume is one that smells earthier, strong, and rich in smell.

From brushing twice a day to clipping nails to showering daily with soaps with a balanced ph, basic hygiene should be observed by everyone.

body odor and hygiene.

4. Dress sense

  • Coming out of your comfort zone to dress.

  • As Yves Saint Laurent once said ''Fashions fade, style is eternal'' . Finding your style comes with experimenting and trying out different styles and trends of clothing.

  • You feel more confident when you have dressed appropriately.

  • Measure your body and buy more fitting clothes which do not droop from your shoulder.

finding your own style

5. Smiling more often

Smiling more often makes you look self-assured, optimistic, beautiful, and approachable. A scowling face is less likely to be approached by people and an awkward smile can make you appear timid, weird, and uncomfortable.

smile more as it makes you attractive

6. Good physique and Body posture

The first thing you would probably notice about a person would be their physique and how well they carry themselves. An upright-standing person with their head held high would look more confident and attractive. A good body posture can be achieved through yoga and exercise to help you tone up your body.

An aligned body posture can help you with back pain and joint pain. Even while you are working in bed, make sure to be upright.

You can't change your height, but controlling what you eat or how much you eat can make a difference in your weight and help you achieve that dream body you've always wanted.

exercise and yoga for body posture improvement

In conclusion

The truth is, you're beautiful, no questions asked, but sometimes we forget what it feels like to feel more enticing not for others, but for ourselves. Those teenagers’ time of being excited to dress up and go to have fun time seems miles away.

Don’t let this dishearten you because beauty and attractiveness never fade away you just have to put a little effort to keep it shiny for the most important thing in the world is a positive mind which you can’t have without self-love and feeling that you are desired too.

About the author

Priti Kumari Rajak is a new content writer with an English major. She was born on May 26, 2003, in Kharagpur, West Bengal, and is currently in Bhubaneswar for her graduation. She reads a lot and could probably talk about books all day. She is always eager to learn new skills and never cowers away from hard work. She is a dedicated and orderly individual who has a passion for writing.

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