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How to Take Care of Your Depressed Partner

Updated: Jul 8

 How to Take Care  of Your  Depressed Partner

Is your partner struggling with depression? Are you wondering how you can support them and take care of them? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

If your partner has not been diagnosed with depression but you suspect they are suffering from depression, check out 6 signs that you may be suffering from crippling depression to get a fair idea of its symptoms.

Depression is a mental illness that negatively impacts the way one acts, thinks and feels. It certainly is hard to cope with depression.

And being a partner of someone with depression is also quite tricky. You might be unsure of how to deal with the situation at hand- what to do, what to say, etc.

They might withdraw from you if you push too hard and they might not be able to heal and grow if you just silently watch. It is tricky but don't lose heart. In this article, you will learn about the different ways in which you can support your partner.

Tips to Take Care of Your Depressed Partner

Here are some things you can do to help and care for your depressed partner:

Learn About Depression

learn about depression

Educating yourself about depression is the first step. Read articles on depression and its symptoms, check out youtube videos on depression, and talk to some professionals if possible.

You won't be able to support them if you don't know anything about their ailment. And there's a chance of you saying something that might backfire, such as, "You should be grateful for this life." Therefore, try to learn as much as you can about depression.

Encourage Them to Seek Help

Encourage Them to Seek Help

Depression can affect every facet of life. One might find it hard to do basic things such as taking a bath, cleaning up after themselves, etc.

People with depression tend to lose interest in things that they previously enjoyed.

Interestingly, no matter how much it affects their life, some people tend to think that they will get better by themselves.

However, the sad truth is that depression is an illness that needs to be treated. If your partner is one of those people who believe that can heal themselves on their own, encourage them to seek professional help.

The stigma of having a mental illness also often holds people back from seeking help. Some might even think seeking help is a sign of weakness. In case of that, you need You can encourage them to go for therapy by doing the following:

  • convey how concerned you are

  • inform them of your willingness to help

  • help to make or make appointments for them

  • discuss the various treatment options they have

Be an Active Listener

Be an Active Listener

Depression can be overwhelming and it's not that easy to open up about one's struggle with it. Oftentimes, people make the mistake of saying the wrong things or just giving unwanted advice when all a depressed person wants is to be heard.

Please don't force your partner to share his/her feelings. Let them come to you when they feel comfortable enough to talk about it. Just let them know that you'll support them no matter what.

When your partner finally confides in you, be sure to be an active listener. Don't let them feel judged in any way. Being an active listener means not only listening to the speaker's words but also understanding the meaning and the intent behind them.

Don't Take it Personally

Dealing with depression is hard. So is being the partner or caretaker of someone with depression. Sometimes, you can't help but take it personally when your partner acts out or lashes out.

Understand that it's neither yours nor their fault. Be patient with them and take care of yourself too. Take a break sometimes and engage in self-care.

Talk to someone if it gets too hard for you to handle. You can also take help from a mental health professional cause taking care of a depressed partner is no cakewalk.

Be There For Your Partner

Simply being present for your partner is one of the best things you can do for them. Hold them close and listen to them without interrupting them to share your opinion when they share their feelings.

You can also help them make appointments or do chores they are struggling to do. Such simple things go a long way in making your partner's life better.

Show Your Love

Show Your Love

People with depression often feel like they are a burden to others so don't be stingy with your love. Show them that you love them and don't forget to verbally let them know how much you love them.


Being there for your loved one who is suffering from depression is very important. I hope this article has helped you understand how to take care of your depressed partner. Being the caretaker of a depressed person can affect you too so don't forget to engage in self-care and talk to a trusted person. If possible, consider therapy for yourself too.

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