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Overcome your past

It’s never been easy to overcome your past.

But your past can be used as a tool to sharpen your future.

There is a say that “we all have a past” and may or may not everyone has a good one to remember.

ways to overcome your past

But here is the difference; we are not talking about how much pain you got from your past? Or how much happy you were in your past?

We are talking about what lessons have you learned from it?

It does all depend on our mind-set, what we want from our future? Do we want to keep crying over what just happened or are we ready to collect learning from our past?

It doesn’t matter that you had a lot of pleasant memories or an awful past; the reality is that it had passed away, and you need not keep dwelling on it.

What were those days?

What was my mistake?

I don’t want to remember those days.

Whatever your statement is, you are still living into your past.

Try out this:

If you have a progressive mind, you must have very little time to recall all this,

What is going on in your mind is directly proportional to your commitment to your future plans and goals. If you have few strong reasons to focus upon on present and future, you recall your past only to cross-check the mistakes you did. What have you done yesterday that's why you have or haven’t something today?

What should you do today? so you would keep or have that thing tomorrow?

It’s all about seeing things, things which happened because you took a call, you take or not an action which can transform your life today or tomorrow.

Prepare yourself, note down your plans or goals, if want to being busy, keep busy in your dreams of future not in the darkness or over shining of past.

Take actions and refine your decisions and actions based upon your learnings from the past, It’s never being a time to cry about what just happened, it’s time to keep moving on, keep trying hard to harder, and getting what you have dreamed of.

There is an excellent book on mind-set by famous author Myra YadavMove On.

And many more, which teach us how; we can convert our-self into a better one.

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