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Motivational quotes in Hollywood's animated movies-1

How motivational Hollywood animated movies are?

Many of us keep ourselves motivated enough to achieve our goals, It can be a short or a long term goal, One should keep it in mind that something helps him/her to get it,

Our mind indeed find the things that it wants, In the same way, whenever we feel low on energy, we start looking for that dose of motivation,

Best Hollywood animated movie for kids

The best thing is that it’s all about the way look the things around us, People paste the motivational posters on their room wall, listen to audiobooks, read self-help books, go to seminars and most important find motivational quotes, which says a lot in few words.

Same things I do to keep myself motivated, and eventually I found out one more interesting way to boost my morale, and it is Hollywood animated movies,

Yes, a little bit strange but it is true,

Normally we skip the channels which are showing such movies by saying that it is kid’s stuff, but you might check out a few of them and get what your mind looking for,

Let’s start with a few examples, and it could be possible that next time you get another best quote or a supplement for your thoughts in Kid’s stuff.

adventure of Tintin
The Adventure of Tintin:

The Adventures of Tintin is a 2011 computer-animated action/adventure film based on Belgian cartoonist Hergé's comic book series of the same name.

In this movie, there is a scene when the Hero of the movie Tintin, a Belgian reporter, lose hope and sit hopelessly, then another important character of the movie Captain Haddock tell him the definition of a looser.

It is awesome when you listen to this definition and connect it with yourself, It gives you the idea that, Yes you are not a loser, and you have enough strength to fight with your problems and issues.

It happens to us every day and nobody else but we start telling to us that we are not capable of doing what we have started or what we want to do, It's normal with everyone but only those who dare to face their problems, can get over it, except wasting time on saying hopeless things to our-self, find out the more doors to open.

The quote is simple: You hit a wall, you push through it.

You should check out more information about the movie on Wikipedia also.


Another masterpiece movie to have fun and learn the dedication for our passions,

Ratatouille is a 2007 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

The lead character of this movie is a rat named Remy Set in Paris, the plot follows the rat, who dreams of becoming a chef and tries to achieve his goal by allying with a Parisian restaurant's garbage boy.

In this dream chase, a scene comes when the father of Remy, tries to show him that if he continues his touch with humans, he will get a painful death as all other rats have, and here Remy tells his father that, everything in this world is working on the principle of change and it is the Nature’s real law,

People around us try to tell, that how the world behaves in certain conditions but look few examples of those, who set the examples in the same world, Everything can't be challenged, but if you have already designed in your mind that you are going to make this happen, the next and only question is lying there is HOW,

Your knowledge, your hard work, and your belief all are equally important to make it happen.

The quote is simple: Change is Nature.

It all depends upon the believes you feed into your mind that, you have to follow the current of the river or set your path of success.

Get more information about the movie on Wikipedia

Surely movies are made for entertainment and you can see many people telling you that don't waste your time on television or movies, but it is also true that you need breaks into your busy schedule, and whenever you need a recharge in your energy, Such movies are amazing to have both fun and motivation.

Motivational Hollywood movie

I hope these examples can help you to find, your inner light to get your belief and motivational quota for today,

We will back with more examples of such motivational speeches, which are inspiring and hidden within any Hollywood animated movie.

Till then share your views and ideas about more topics of motivation.

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