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Dreamland and the practical world

Every person in this world is unique, especially in his or her own eyes,

By gaining knowledge about the world, a person creates the world around him.

A world of dreams and own definitions, that's why we believe that on a particular topic everyone can have their views or opinions, cause they see the world with their perspective and knowledge, meanwhile living life in society, one could dwell in his fantasy land, which we will call dreamland in this article.

dream of a girl

People around us tell us about the world and for a long time we keep seeing the world as they have experienced it, simultaneously we create a different world, a different dimension in our mind where we are the most powerful person, we can get what we want, we can do what we want to do, and we can go wherever we want to go.


Yes, we are talking about day-dreaming or living an imaginary life,

There is nothing wrong with living in a dreamland or having a day-dream,

But the real challenges begin when our daily life experiences shatter our dreams and kill our hopes for a better

Depending on the bitter experiences of one's life, one can be exposed to the difference between the practical world and the dreamland at an early age. However, someone else might discover it later in life.

The bitterness of life breaks our dreams and hopes. Whenever a person experiences failure, rejection, or neglect, his daydreams become false.

We see a lot of role models and famous people in daily life around us. Daydreams were also a part of their lives, and they felt broken when they learned that they lived in an imaginary world, but eventually, they blended their two worlds together through their un-breakable beliefs and diligent work.

Let us now discuss the challenges every individual faces in his life to change the world he lives in.

success formula

Success means different things to different people. Everyone would like to be successful. The definition of success may vary from person to person. Someone wants to be rich, Someone wants to be famous and someone may want to be in a powerful position

But the definition of failure is the same for everyone - "Not getting what they want"

Suddenly, they realize that dreamland and the outside world are not the same. Some got broke, but only a few gathered up their last bit of hope and energy to fight for the same thing in both worlds.

party with friends

In general, a person has many relatives, a few family members, a few colleagues, and a few friends. All of them are constantly attempting to influence his decision with their opinions and suggestions. Whenever a person decides to follow a different path, his relatives and friends feel insecure.

In that case, it might be possible that they will get disconnected from him or succeed in making him believe that reality is far far different from his daydream. It is not easy to protect your mind from such suggestions and focus on your goals and dreams. There are very few people who can do that and the heroes of real-life stand out from the rest.

An Individual's situation
cause of frustration

Nobody can deny that everyone has their own life story, their own circumstances, and their own problems. This is also a dream killer. Although a person knows from within that he has the ability to do all those things that will make him successful, he is forced to sacrifice his dreams, his dreamland, and many more things just because of his current situations and problems.

However, you must ask yourself this question when you consider dropping your weapons in the face of your current situation: Do others have any problems too? Are they not making sacrifices and working hard together?

If they are striving in their lives that means they are definitely doing this, then what's the issue with you? Why don't you do that?

living alone

You shouldn't forget to do this in your life. Living with regret will be nothing but a burden if you are willing to kill your dreams and let go of the idea of living in your dreamland.

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