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Time Management V/s Should Do Things

Time is infinite, but you only have a finite amount.

It's so common to hear that we are doing something about time management, we are trying to manage our time efficiently, and so on.

Today we are going to discuss it too, but we are not intending to talk about the time. We will discuss how to manage ourselves according to the passage of time since time cannot be managed. It runs at the same pace as our style of working and priorities that should be managed according to time.

Time management

Then what is Time Management?:

Time management never says that you can manage time. Its real meaning lies in managing our time according to our jobs to do.

Suppose someone wants to complete a job within 3 days. He will need to start by calculating the amount of time required for finishing the job. When the 3 days are over, whether the job was done within the given time or not, depends on how he managed things.

That's why people say that making a priority list is necessary.

It always reminds you to do the things that are at the top of your priority list,

As long as you make sure what is most important and what needs to be done first, you will manage your time and your things better than everyone else. Because you do not need to manage time, as I mentioned earlier.

It's all about your energy and interest, not time:

Why do you never feel tired when you are doing some interesting things like watching web series, movies, cricket or playing games?

Your energy is also used in such activities. The truth is the energy-drainer already has a place in your mind.

Whenever you think about a job which should be done by today and you start feeling tired by just thinking about it, it means you are not interested in doing that job. You can try this on your own.

Watching favorite Movie

Just make a list of a few things that need to be finished by this weekend,

And keep that list away. Now whenever you feel energetic and excited, Find that list and start reading it, A few jobs in them going to make your energy level down, just by remembering that those things have to be done by you, you put them on the bottom of the list and start with the least effort job first. For example, if you had 13 jobs to finish and you succeeded to finish half of them, you will start doing this practice, cause it makes you more productive than before. And that's all we want in our lives, don't we?

Start with the little one:

Managing our small things isn't as difficult as we think,

Getting up in the early morning can make you feel uncomfortable but if you are committed enough to your life purpose, you can give it a try,

Having a walk in the park can be tough for you right now, but just make a try for this too,

Likewise, you can make a list of all those things, which you have in your "Should be done" folder.

You just have to channel a small amount of energy towards that job.

As for Time, you do not have to think about it, You are capable enough to manage yourself according to a given time,

You just have to "Feel Good", whatever little thing or job you accomplish.

And it is a real booster for your confidence, which can keep you motivated for other things too.

What should I take out of my "Should Do" folder?

Your should do folder is the list of those things which have always been your dream to do but never made it, and the most common excuse was again "I don't have enough time for this"

This "Should do" folder can contain anything in itself, like things that can make you healthy, happy, smart, or confident. These things are just simple tasks to be accomplished, but they never came out of the box because you never put them on your priority list,

Don't be ashamed of what you have done in the past, because if you are willing to make a promise of bringing some transformation into your life and that change is positive,

Commonly all these things which are attached with the word should, It comes with a challenge that you have to put some extra effort into it,

What might be on your "Should Do" list? Let's list some of them

I should be fit physically.

I should go to the gym or walk regularly.

I should get a higher education degree,

I should read a book every month.

I should learn how to do that skill.

and so on...

These tasks always make you think about getting better and being better,

But things become better only when we are committed enough to make them better. As we stated at the beginning of the blog, Time is not your enemy anywhere in all these things,

It's all about your energy and your commitment. It's all about learning from your past mistakes and sticking to the newly formed plan to transform yourself.

Then here is the biggest question :

How things going to be change?

Question mark

Try out these things:

Start with small efforts- If you know that a job can't be completed in a day, plan for the small pieces of that job. Ask yourself "how much time you can give to this particular job"?

You need to be more disciplined- Once you know how long the job will take to complete, don't give yourself excuses that it can be done tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Finish what you need to do tonight and prepare for tomorrow's tasks.

Take help- Have you ever wondered why this job is pending for so long?, Maybe you are lacking somewhere, and your knowledge or expertise is not enough to complete it, so don't hesitate to ask for help, from your seniors, experts, and try to figure out the best way to ffinish it, not just the OK-OK solution,

Don't stop at the first one- Congrats yourself when you finish what you started after a long time, give yourself a party, and then start over again for the next thing,

Don't rush for everything to be done at once and keeping patience is the key to completing your "Should Do" folder things,

Try it and if you have already done so, then got our message.

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