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Pro-activeness and Growth

Growth is a common element of our lives, and we experience different types of growth. From being born to being ashes, we experience a lot of growth and downgrade in our lifetime.

We grow physically, mentally, and as human beings by any means and with the natural laws, and everyone has a different level of growth in personal life,

Here we are dedicated to the growth of a person in society and in personal. He or she can be a fully-grown leader anywhere, but what are those things and attributes available in nature which help them out to become better than anyone else?


Let's start with people's desire for growth in different fields:

A person may desire growth in his financial status.

One may want to grow in knowledge.

One may want growth in the power position

Or one may be interested in boosting his popularity, everyone may have a different point of view regarding growth and progress,

They are working hard to make it happen, but everything we achieve in this world is the result of focused and balanced efforts, in addition to many other attributes. Pro-activeness is a key characteristic every individual should possess.

Yes! Pro-activeness, You might be surprised that many years ago this word did not even exist in the oxford dictionary and common language,

The use of the word proactive (or pro-active) was limited to the domain of experimental psychology in the 1930s, But the real acknowledgment of this word came into people's knowledge when this word is introduced to the world by Author Stephen Covey in 1989 in his famous book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Where he introduces Pro-activeness first habit out of seven in his book,

As you can imagine from the title of the book, Pro-activeness is a core habit of highly effective people,

Highly effective people
So what is it?

We meet with a lot of people in our daily life. You must have experienced that a few people around you in your colony, in your office, or your field are calm and successful types of people. You never saw them in a hurry or frustrated,

It is not because they are from any special family or special category,

Those people are as normal as we are. They just know that being proactive is a boon for them.

It is not a hard skill to learn, It is not a soft skill to practice,

Being proactive is a habit we need to cultivate so that it can fit into every situation and aspect of our lives.

Let's discuss deeper,

As in its spelling, Pro-activeness is a bunch of words,


Where Pro means before, and ness shows your habit,

Being active in a particular situation before it happens, is called pro-activeness. You can call it a characteristic, in which a person takes precautions and actions before something is likely to happen,

And unknowingly you are doing quite a bit of it in your daily life,

For Example:- Wearing a helmet is a proactive action, causing you to eliminate/minimize the chances of injury in case of an accident.

As you can see, we do this for safety purposes, since everyone wants to be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to safety.

Now the question is how can pro-activeness help us in growth?

Answers are as simple as their examples:-

Our most of our life roam around our habits and habits can make our life beautiful, If we add pro-activeness to our habits so we will get benefits like this:

Time management will improve, as we prepare ourselves for our daily routine and important work, we need not worry about any lag in our schedule.

a more proactive person feels more productiveness in his work.

More interest in Self-improvement, As a proactive person, always look into the improvement, and he starts this improvement himself, by taking such decision which can help him grow,

Time management

(by exercising) cause one doesn't want to see himself ill, unhealthy, so by simply exercising or by joining a gym, whatever is suitable, proactive decisions always come first for him.


by taking care of his money generation source, right time investments, growing in career, improving skills and capabilities, generating different sources of income, all these things always be on the top list of a proactive person, the cause may be possible he knows a bit lesser than anyone, but he knows that learning, improvement and taking action is much more important for the one.


improvements come under your soft skill development, yet whatever a skill can increase your impact on people, your success, and growth, you must acquire it, and that's the real goal of being proactive, learning what can make you strong, whether it's about art or the art of managing with people.


improvements always being a priority to a proactive person, cause they value of social involvement in a person's life, A person can't grow until his social enrolment is low, people around you always help you to grow by criticizing or motivating you.

Importance of social gathering

A sense of urgency is the most important core of pro-activeness, You must understand how to make a priority list for yourself. Taking action to prevent something from happening, and taking action to make something happen,

Practicing Pro-activeness

All these things are not as simple as to say, It takes time to develop such attributes in your habit, One must start observing his life and lifestyle first and make up his mind, that why and how he can be proactive in his life,

It needs practice and discipline in daily routine and decision making, A third person views when you interact with people and self-criticism is required when you need to find an area of improvement in yourself.

It seems easy to make a priority list but feels tough when planning to go according to it. But as I say earlier, you need to be more discipline like never before if you want improvement in your life, People who make difference in the world, start making difference in their own life first.

Pro-activeness doesn't have a particular sitemap for everyone, It would differ from one person to another, you have to understand your lifestyle and working style before adopting it into your life.

Being responsible for the things you do.

Think about how you can make it better than now.

Is it really important to do these things in the same manner? Or I can make a change for the better?

Your decision going to make an impact on your growth and perfection, so make your decision on your own and if not possible, then take the help of experts.

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