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Self talk in daily life

Self-talk is an important matter in our life, nobody can ignore it, as in our conscious stage from getting awake to fall in asleep again we do this thing knowingly or unknowingly.

But usually, we don’t talk too much about it. It’s a part of our daily life yet we don’t work out on it.

Why we are discussing this topic today, let me explain,
Improvements through self-talk

As we all know that thoughts play a major role in our life, we will be successful or not, it is directly affected by the thoughts we keep in our minds.

And thoughts are created by the feed we give to our subconscious mind continuously.

People who want to feel motivated and more passionate in their life would like to listen to motivational things from other,

What to do?

How to do it?

How do keep Our-self motivated to achieve our goals?

They pick thoughts from someone else’s words and feel charged.

But what happens after it?

What you got from others is called “Hereto-suggestion”.

After it which start working is “Auto-Suggestion”,

The words we say to our-self all the time,

One must-read book I would like to refer to here –

It is really nice reading about improving our self-talk,

In His book, Shad described that we have 5 types of self-talk which can be recognized by the starting words of a sentence we say to ourselves.


People who start their sentences usually with “I can’t” have the lowest level of motivation in their life.

Where if you start most of the sentences are starting with “I should”, not much better in a situation of achieving something, I should maybe look a little more positive than I can’t, but it’s not, even if you failed to start something, then this I should become a part of the guilt.

The best way to bring a change in your life and situation is, to begin with the sentences which start with “I never” or “I will no longer”

Here we start saying to ourselves that if a thing harming my dreams, my life, I never do it again, or I will no longer have this habit.

Most powerful self-talk start with the words-“I am”

When you start saying to yourself that I am a winner, I am a hard-working person, I am a successful person, then it starts turning things that way.

The last but not least, the fifth type of sentence is started with “It”. Yes, here we start seeing our-self as a part of this universe and connected with the creator of the world.

It’s his grace and it’s his blessing.

So next time when you will sitting alone and talking to yourself, please listen carefully and examine what are you saying to yourself?

Choose your words wisely.

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