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Things won't change overnight

People generally feel uncomfortable whenever they meet with some situations which are not favourable to them, It can be searching for a job, surviving in a job, or being in a relationship. Do you think the same that things won't change overnight?

Anything that happens in our life never happens instantly.

The problems that seem to trouble you now started a long time ago, and we haven't even paid attention to them since then.

Sad girl sitting in the window
Let's discuss this in more detail with a few examples:-

People who are not satisfied with their current job and looking for a change for a long time find it really difficult to get a job, where they can feel better, which can pay them better, and where they have full authority to express themselves.

Just think for a second What just happened?

This is the same job you were extremely happy about when you got it?

Isn't it the same company you always wished to work for?

Isn't that the same amount of pay check you always dreamed of?

Isn't the answer yes, isn't it?

Yes, but over time as human beings we always look for change,

The reason might be anything. You may not like your current boss,

The company's new policy makes you uncomfortable,

You have started comparing your salary check with your friends, who are working in a different company or even in a different field.

Definitely, you can't answer that from the moment you first felt like this, but it's happening to you.

Do you think it just happened overnight? No, Definitely not.

Now talk about finding a job.

You are looking everywhere, every opportunity seems likely for you, but you are not getting it, you know inside that you deserve it but you won't get it, you have everything which is required for the job you are looking for, still, you don't get it?

What just happened? Are people unable to see your talent? Qualification or ability to perform?

All this is not true.

Isn't it?

How to be presentable in an interview?

And finally all about your relationships.

Relationship with your spouse, family, society, friends, or even colleagues.

Everything was good enough to have, but suddenly there is a gap that I am not sure where it came from. and now you are feeling that you are unable to have that warmth in this or that relationship,

Did it happen overnight?

Definitely not!

Then what just happened?

Yes of course you are not in your comfort zone right now, things are not going well, but if you really want to think or study about all your problems, you just look into this matter a little deeper.

And you will laugh at yourself, "How silly were you"

As you look back, you're going to see how everything you perceive as a big problem now was just a tiny thing you overlooked continuously over time.

Let's start it from starting:

Your current job is killing you.

Most of the times when we feel that, we get to know that you are doing the same job in an enthusiastic way, and now doing it with half of your heart, it's not because something changed in the job, it's because whenever your job, your work demanded of you to involve yourself into it with more passion and a new perspective, you just let it go.

Whenever something new came along in your job, you just ignored

Because everything was working so well, you didn't accept the changes that came from time to time in your current job. Now you feel as if you are an outcast in the same role which you played better than anyone.

Actually, it wasn't too difficult for you to do a job with the same passion. In the end, it only took your commitment, your adaptability, and the desire to change with the times. You also had to enjoy the challenges of a job rather than run away from them. Keep running with the minor issues, they are going to become more complex than ever.


What should you do?

Talk with your team on a regular basis.

Try to find out new ways to perform the same role.

Training and courses are available to help you improve your knowledge and skills.

And most importantly:- Feel proud of your work.

Now if you are looking for a job:

Nothing happened as terrible as you have started thinking,

It might be possible that you are a little behind from anybody in changing a job or a designation you might have until now.

It's not true that you are not capable of a particular job opportunity, It's just happened because somewhere, you left polishing yourself.

Right now you may be jobless, or trying to change your job,

But either you are not getting enough chance of interviews

You must remember one thing nothing was changed overnight and nothing is going to change overnight,

Laziness in morning

You may not have enough opportunities to prove yourself, but you have enough time to prepare yourself for the next opportunity,

You may not have enough skills to show right now, but you have enough time to sharpen your skills.

This thing makes you stronger that overnight magic is nothing but a compounding of your efforts.

Now, what about relationships?

All this is true in the case of relationships too.

Yes definitely, it is completely true about relationships too.

A busted relation or a sour relationship is all about the small ignorance made by both sides, but you can handle only your side, You need to focus on those things which can make a relationship weak.

Strong friendship

Maybe you and the other person stopped talking or seeing each other, or you just had a misunderstanding on a few topics, but it wasn't a single time when you felt that, it was also repeating issues, which make a relationship stop working.

Sit relaxed and note down all the grey things in a relationship, try to talk to that person and share your views, why that person is not in good touch with you, does he or she feels the same, and whether your relationship needs improvement.

You can ignore things with time, but things won't ignore you, they grow along with time, It's completely up to you, you want them in your favour or against you.

Cause things won't change overnight, you just ignore them enough to see happening.

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