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People and Perception

Perception is considered as one’s ability to see hear or be aware of ourselves using all our sensors. It helps to understand or interpret things in our daily life.

People and perception are interlinked, It becomes the part of our daily life that we even didn’t recognize that how we process the information becomes the process of how we perceive things.

how to change people's perception
People and perception

People's perceptions can be used to form impressions of other people. It does not only include how we form these impressions but it also includes the different conclusions that we deduct about other people based on our impressions.

When we meet a new co-worker we immediately develop an initial impression of this person or when we go to any grocery store we draw conclusions about the cashier even though we know very little about him.

Perception leads to immediate judgments and decisions which further leads to biased or stereotyped perceptions for other people.

People and their perception are very subjective processes and affected by a number of variables such as characteristics of the person we are observing or the context of the situation or our personal traits and past experience also play a great role.

People have their own perception

Considering an example, when we see a woman who is dressed in a professional good-looking suit we immediately assumed that she may be either working in an MNC or a law firm.

Perception affects our social economic and political life. In our economic life now we are shifting our investments from savings banks to mutual funds perceiving the trend in the market.

In our social life, we daily meet with new people and form opinions in our minds for each one of them. Politically we tend to shift to those parties whose ideologies coincide with our perceived beliefs.

Perception is a double sword how we use this tool is entirely up to each one of us. As author Asa Don Brown said, “ perception is a vice with each person is capable of perceiving his or her reality”.

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