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Ways to instantly feel happier

Ways to instantly feel happier

How many of you have truly experienced the joy of life in a long time? When was the last time you smiled genuinely and not just to be nice to other people? What, or rather, who was the cause of your heart swelling with contentment to the point where you knew you wouldn't have any regrets if you died the next day?

ways to instantly feel happier

Happiness is an abstract concept whose definition and means of acquisition differ from person to person. For some people, it’s the feeling of sunshine in the early winter morning that makes them happy and, for some people, experiencing the thrill of bungee jumping is what makes them happy or the constant thrill of adventure.

Whatever may be the source, we all deserve a content and happy life. There is no denying that there are good days and bad days for everyone. Happiness doesn’t necessarily have to come from spending a lot of money and attending many parties. You don’t have to go to lengths to be happy and make others happy too. The key to well-being is to find your daily source of happiness.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind where you feel at peace and content. It feels like home and something akin to attaining nirvana. But happiness is fleeting and your days might not always be roses and rainbows, but then again, the question is, can you actually feel happiness without being sad?

Happiness in working

NO. It’s like there is a yin-yang relationship between happiness and sadness where these two emotions co-depend. We often confuse pleasure and happiness. We may feel the effects of alcohol as euphoric, energetic, and relaxed, but it is also an escape from reality and not our actual happiness. You won’t feel happy until you have achieved it through positive thinking, a good lifestyle, and feeling satisfied with your life.

Scientific reasons behind happiness

There are 4 types of chemicals that are involved in making you happy. These chemicals will be mentioned below to provide you with scientific knowledge of chemicals in our brain that are helpful for our mental well-being as well as how you can unlock all these chemicals.

1. dopamine is the chemical of reward, motivation and arousal and it also allows you the feeling of pleasure.

2. oxytocin is sometimes referred to as the love hormone and can be hacked by physical touch or intimacy and by helping others and socialising.

3. endorphin functions as painkiller and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

4. serotonin acts as mood stabilizer and it affects our emotions.

Below are some ways which can help you to hack the happiness chemicals-

Exercising daily- exercising causes the release of endorphins and, as they say, a sound body harbours a sound mind, so if you include daily exercises or yoga in your schedule you will find yourself in a good mood and your health would improve a lot.

Singing and Dancing- Music soothes our bodies and soul and dancing and other movements allow people to express themselves. When a person feels liberated, the body produces happy hormones such as dopamine. So keep your happy playlist on repeat.

Find happiness in singing or dancing

Entertainment- It includes fun indoor games or anything that gives you pleasure. Go out to watch movies with friends or re-watch your favorite series. Make a list of movies you would like to see and categorize them according to each genre to watch with your family or friends.

Be kind- Kindness costs you nothing, so showing kindness to others and making them happy will also make you feel happy. If possible, try to share their problems, show love, and talk to them. Evidence has shown that helping others makes you feel good too.

Read-Reading comes with many benefits and reading about a topic that you find interesting can make you feel instantly better.

Practicing Gratitude-Recognize all the good things about your life, and whoever you are and whatever you have in your life is the result of your own actions and thoughts. After this confirmation, you will be able to recognize your own role in this world and think less of external factors taking the blame. Focus on all the little things you have accomplished and relive your happy moments again and again.

Managing stress

We all are stressed time and again and it can take a serious toll on our mental and physical health. It affects your thinking ability and interferes with your daily life.

Happiness in solitude

Some people can be happy alone while others might be more favourable to being with people and with their loved ones. Even if you are a social creature, spending time alone always pays off. Enjoying your own company is different from being lonely. Being alone does not have to be particularly oppressive to you. It can help you to understand yourself so much better than when you are crowded with people.

Sitting alone in a dark room and feeding your mind with all the overthinking is not ‘’the bliss of solitude’’ that we are talking about, but the ability to reflect on yourself and get a better understanding of your spiritual and emotional needs that comes from separating yourself from the outside world.

Appreciating yourself

Sometimes you can be harsher to yourself than needed and this can stem from insecurity. When you criticize yourself you tend to sabotage your own chances of success. It causes you unnecessarily worried about yourself and causes a lack of confidence.

Put down your phone

Technology can be a boon or bane depending on how to use it. Social media gives you a platform to show your creativity and make friends online but it has a darker side to it as well. Cyberbullying, oversharing your life, lack of privacy and always being on the phone can affect any person significantly.

Pain and suffering are a part of growing-

Before ending this article, I just want to address that life is harder sometimes, things do not always work out as we want them to, relations get tangled up, and things that interested you once may not hold the same charm as now, you may not go back to things they once were but life is always about moving forward. To feel happiness one needs to conquer fear, pain and as the saying goes ‘’difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.’’ So keep your heads high and your smile wider and greet the new day’s thrill with an open arm.

About the author

Priti Kumari Rajak is a new content writer with an English major. She was born on May 26, 2003, in Kharagpur, West Bengal, and is currently in Bhubaneswar for her graduation. She reads a lot and could probably talk about books all day. She is always eager to learn new skills and never cowers away from hard work. She is a dedicated and orderly individual who has a passion for writing.

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