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Why it is okay for men to cry

Emotions are the slaves of thoughts, and humans are the slaves of their emotions; what worries them masters them. Humans feel emotions as a response to adequate or unpleasant experiences, and neither men nor women are exempt from this phenomenon; it significantly influences our daily lives.

Man crying

When handling emotions, men and women are held to different standards. Men are explicitly convinced that crying in front of people will make them less manly. Women are more feasible than men to display their feelings in our society, and men who show signs of emotion are viewed as silly or stupid.

Men are often seen as more assertive, fearless, dominant, and furious sex. In contrast, women are generally seen as the weaker sex and discouraged from expressing their feelings publicly.

People who don't cry frequently struggle to deal with their emotions or end up processing life negatively. These cultural expectations and gender stereotypes have persisted for many years and can be harmful.

Why are males forced to repress their emotions in our society? Are anger and rage the only emotions a guy should feel free to express?

From a very early age, men are socialized to believe that showing emotion goes against the grain of being a man. They damage their reputation as a stoic, tough person by doing this. Men are persuaded explicitly that sobbing in public will damage their masculinity.

It is acceptable for men to hit anyone in public, whether his wife or an opponent, but when the same man cries in front of them, he becomes a source of laughter or becomes less manly.

According to point statistics, women are more likely to be given a depression or anxiety diagnosis. In our lives, at some point, more than 30% of men will experience a depressive episode, and 9% report having melancholy or worry every day.

The Consequences of preventing males from openly expressing their emotions

Crying doesn't mean you are weak ... Sometimes it's what you need to do to get strong again" - J.W. Lynne

Why men cry

It has been demonstrated that a good, lengthy session of crying can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed in the slightest.

Because Men are just people like the rest of us, they need to express their emotions somehow. Avoiding those feelings can have many adverse effects, including mental health concerns.

  • Being violent is a way to release pressure; what if one cannot cry or express themselves by speaking up? What other choice does he have?

  • They were clowning around, which refers to making fun of everything or being careless. It's a means of sidestepping feelings. Others may find this amusing, but the reason that a person acting in this manner only attempts to protect himself from suffering or consuming him!

  • Crying is healing! Some psychologists have even said if a man does not feel his emotions and represses his emotions, it gets stored deep in his subconscious mind and negatively affect his psychological health in the future.

  • Those who have been raised to let nothing affect them are the worst! Because emotions play an essential role in our lives, being emotionless means being dead.

  • Suppressing emotions can lead to despair and anxiety, but it can also raise men's risk of suicide. Men committed suicide approximately 3.56 times more frequently than women in 2018.

Where does the change have to start?

Do not be ashamed to cry; without emotion, we are little more than robots.

Every one of us must change from the inside out. If certain people are not given the most basic human right, we cannot simply order equality! Different people regulate different situations differently. Like anything else, some individuals flourish while others dreadfully fail at it.

1) Be open about how you're feeling.

First and foremost, you must be open about how you feel and talk about your feelings; you must accept and experience them. Recognize how you feel and figure out what is causing you to feel that way. Allow yourself to express your feelings in whichever way feels right to you.

2) Set a positive example for your sons' expressiveness.

When the male of the home sobs, it also sends a subliminal message to the kids that sobbing is just a way of expressing oneself, not a sign of weakness. We need both sensitive and indifferent, cold guys; therefore, teaching boys to be sensitive would undoubtedly improve the world. A child who can express his feelings freely will grow up to be a man with many emotions.

3) Consult a therapist

Compared to men and women, it is found that Men are less likely to visit a therapist than women. The negative stigma associated with men and mental health contributes to some of that.

psychologist for men

However, one of the best methods for guys to learn to talk about their emotions openly is by visiting a therapist. Men can be vulnerable in therapy without fear of criticism from others. It can assist you in developing healthier and more effective coping mechanisms for dealing with your moods and emotions.

Suppose you are experiencing mental distress. Perhaps it's time to solicit assistance. Early intervention can prevent a minor issue from developing into a more significant mental health disorder.

4) Find therapeutic hobbies

Finding hobbies that allow you to reflect on your feeling is a great way to tap into your emotions. Some love to stay in nature, some to do photography, some to maintain an aquarium, some to draw, paint and color, and some to engage in physical activities. Try to engage yourself in what makes you happy; it will help you overcome depression and anxiety.


Maintaining emotional equilibrium and well-being is crucial as taking care of your physical health. Crying has several health benefits, and it will help you be much healthier and more well-rounded when you feel and express emotion, as discussed above.

Sometimes the change may be difficult to accept by society; we don't always have to modify our beliefs. Let people express their opinions as they see fit; they will undoubtedly understand one day.

However, one should begin at home by watching them cry in action or describing the benefits of sobbing; the spectator may learn that crying is healing and that it is equally required for both men and women because emotions are not gender biased...

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