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5 Reasons Why Beauty Standards Are Stupid

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

5 Reasons Why Beauty Standards Are Stupid

Beauty standards have existed since times unknown. From height, weight, and body shape to facial proportions, beauty standards dictate what is considered "beautiful."

People are constantly bombarded with images of ideal beauty thanks to social media. It is easy to forget that everyone is beautiful in their own way and feel insecure about your looks and body when you're constantly scrolling through pictures of perfect-looking men and women. You're not alone if you've been feeling the pressure or desire to be like them.

Most of you might know that those pictures of perfect men and women are not real. They're as fake as the small plastic Christmas tree I decorate every Christmas. However, many don't know that- especially impressionable young girls, who believe that's how one is supposed to look.

Even the ones who know them to be fake end up feeling insecure. Then, how can we blame those who have fallen prey to toxic beauty standards?

If it's not social media, then someone from our circle of acquaintances reminds us how we don't fit the beauty standards. I've had people tell me to apply turmeric paste to become fair while sighing about how dark I've become.

Going to any function used to be scary as some people are elated to point out that I've gained or lost too much weight or my hair has become too dry and frizzy, etc. Though I mostly ignore them now, it still affects me sometimes.

You might also have similar experiences to share. And I just want to tell you that you're not alone.

Now, enough of sighing and cribbing over us not fitting those toxic beauty standards! Let's just agree that these beauty standards are stupid. I know it's not that easy. But some logical explanations might help us understand just how stupid they are. So here are 5 reasons why beauty standards are stupid.

5 Reasons Why Beauty Standards Are Stupid

Every Culture Has Different Beauty Standards

Every Culture Has Different Beauty Standards

Every culture has different beauty standards. For instance, Most Asians think fair skin is beautiful. This has given rise to many cosmetic brands that produce skin brightening and lightening. While Caucasians are obsessed with tanning and spend hours under the sun to get the perfect tan. The usage of tanning spray is also popular among them.

It Keeps Changing

It was fashionable and desirable to be skinny when I was growing up. Magazines promoted diets for losing weight. Later, thick curves with snatched waists and big butts became trendy. I heard that being skinny is becoming trendy again. I don't know. I lost track of the beauty trends.

The point is it just keeps changing. So, instead of trying to keep up or change with the beauty standards (which isn't biologically possible), it's better to embrace your beautiful self.

embrace your beautiful self

Everyone is Different

Everyone's body is different- even the skin type. Then how can we expect everyone to look like the same ideal type?

You look different from others due to several factors such as DNA, lifestyle, age, sex, etc. You're a mix of your mom and dad and carry the physical traits of your ancestors.

Lack of Distinctiveness

One of the major flaws of these beauty standards is that it lacks uniqueness. As I mentioned earlier we look different from each other due to several factors but beauty standards completely ignore those differences and expect people to fit in certain boxes.

The pictures of ideal beauties you see online are heavily edited and are not real. These picture-perfect people don't look like that in real life.

Toxic beauty standards have also led to an increase in the number of people seeking plastic surgeries.

If you observe, you will notice that the obsession with fitting the beauty standards has resulted in a huge number of people looking the same or similar or even weird. Everyone edits their photos to look a certain way. The ones opting for plastic surgery change go for almost the same procedures. For instance, the current trend is buccal fat removal.

It's Unrealistic

I might sound like a broken record playing the same tune again and again, but it needs to be repeated that we all are built differently and expecting us to fit the trendy beauty standards perfectly is unrealistic. It is not attainable that's why people have to rely on editing and plastic surgery.


With more and more people turning to plastic surgery for extreme procedures, even plastic surgeons are sounding alarm bells. So it is important to spread awareness about why beauty standards are stupid and toxic and why instead of trying to fit those standards one should embrace one's features and enjoy life.

You are unique and that's what makes you so attractive. Love yourself and embrace your natural features.

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