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Dedication that's all you need.

Dedication, A simple word with a lot to explain.

Whenever we talk about making a goal and planning to achieve it, this single word makes it possible,

Yes, we are going to talk about dedication and how it is significant in our life? Whether it is a long-term or short-term goal in daily life.

We see a lot of people and also know a few of them, but only a few are known for their dedication to their life, work, or society.

You may be one of them too. and if not, let's talk about what is all dedication thing and how it can help us to become an achiever.

Girl getting ready for warm-up

A very old saying states, "Fail to plan, plan to fail."

Getting something done requires a plan, and not only can planning make things possible or achievable, but sticking to the plan shows dedication.

The definition of a dedicated person is someone who has devoted their efforts, knowledge, time, and resources to achieving something. Why are some people more dedicated than others? What are their habits and characteristics?

A Goal or A Dream

Dreams and goals are part of our lives, no matter what they are. Goals are an important part of our lives. Becoming successful in an exam, attaining a higher degree, occupying a position in an organization, or becoming wealthy are all examples of this goal.

Making a goal also means planning for its fulfilment. This is when things start moving. A proven plan will help you accomplish your goal as planned, but it's your commitment and diligent work that will make it happen. For us to become more productive, we need to overcome our procrastination and put in regular effort to get the results we want.

Trophy for your efforts

A person who has a dream can do and manage millions of things just to achieve it. The most notable example of a dedicated person can be seen in an athlete. They train hard and run for hours just to compete in a race that lasts for 10 seconds. Do you know how many gold medals Usain Bolt has won in the 100-meter run? Maybe you know, but do you know how much practice he could do to achieve it?

A responsibility-

Matureness is not a matter of age, it comes when a person starts to understand his responsibilities and duties, these responsibilities can tie up with his family, society, or the organization,

Responsibility is one of the traits that make a man dedicated to his family, society, or organization. Taking care of the family through food, money, education, or safety requires dedication.

Taking responsibility towards society

Being responsible for society makes a person aware of his responsibilities as a social person. Not only awareness can make you a responsible person, but your determination to do something about it also makes you a responsible person.

Similarly, a dedicated and accountable employee of the organization can bring about changes and improvements. He does this because he is determined to work hard and smart for the organization. Therefore, every action taken by him will encourage others to for the same. and such people become great leaders one day.

A role model-

Most of the time you can find people gossiping about a person, or a leader, who does the things exceptionally,

How to follow your role model

Any person in your life can be your role model, but the important thing is that you made them your role model, and although they might have never met you in person, you decided to follow their actions and lifestyle.

If you are on the right track in your life you should appreciate their dedication to their job, and if you are determined to become like them or better than them, then you should accept such dedication in your life.

Culture of family or society-

This is one of the core reasons for a person to become more dedicated, we can take an example of different parts of the world here, Have you ever been to the different countries in your life, If yes, you have seen an example of different rules and laws out there, driving sides, littering disposals, obeying rules and the most important usage of resources.

A country which is not rich in any resources either uses that resource carefully or makes it understand their citizens about its value and the way of usage, for example:- water in middle east countries, electricity in African countries, and you can see clearly that their people are dedicated to using such resources very carefully. This dedication is guided by the culture and the knowledge shared by society.

Dedication in team work

Whatever the reason could be out there to become a dedicated person, It always gives results. It's our duty to understand the number of efforts and degree of dedication required to achieve the results of our choices.

It might be possible that people can't understand your efforts until you turn them into results, but just do your job and wait until the times come to reap what you sow.

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