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Persistence is the key

Our mind is always filled with a few questions like-

When will I have everything I want?

When will I have success in my work?

When will I have lots of money?

And when will I roam around the world? And so on and on and on

These might be our goals or our dreams, and we are desperately wanted to see them fulfilled, nonetheless we always forget about a simple magical thing that can make them true.

Persistence is the key

Persistence and Discipline both can be considered daily life habits, yet we say that a person is really disciplined,

which means he follows the rules which could be made by him or the society or any institution.

On the other hand, when we say that a person is really persistent, that shows his/her a quality of being rigid on a purpose, He/she not doing work to follow the instructions, they are doing this to reach a point.

A persistent person is surely disciplined, but a disciplined person may or may not be persistent.

Let me explain:

Let’s take an example that Mr. David and Mr. Roger are two colleagues are working together in the same office.

Mr. David and Mr. Roger both are so much disciplined in the office, as they always wear the right attire, reach on time, have finished their work on time, and so on.

Yet Mr. Roger has the quality of persistence when it matters to finish a project even he has to do it at home too, on the other hand, Mr. David is so disciplined that he packs his bag right at the official closing time.

Yeah, Maybe you get it now,

Doing something with a passion, with a reason, with your whole heart involving is called persistence,

Discipline is the way to reach the door of success; still, you need the Key of Persistence to open it.

That’s why great people always said that: Persistence is the key.

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