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Emotional Intelligence in our daily life

I came into touch with this subject a few years back, when I was attending a training session on 7 habits of highly effective people, it was shocking for me to know that we all can live life more peacefully and successfully, yet only a few of us know about it.

Yeah, it’s true, when we looking for the definition of Emotional intelligence on the internet or just Google it, We find a very unusual definition of Emotion intelligence; you can try it by yourself too.

Examples of emotional intelligence
Nonetheless, we are not talking about the definition here, we are looking for the ultimate results we could have if we use emotional intelligence in our daily life.

If you are new to this topic, it’s about 5 attributes as follows:

Self –awareness




And Interpersonal relationships.

Sure it looks so easy and interesting, how we can achieve more than imagination using a simple discipline of emotional intelligence.

Every action has its reaction, and through emotional intelligence, we can manage daily things easily.
Let’s understand it,

When do we get to know what kind of feelings we have right now? We daily see people even we also start reacting to few things which are not in our control,

Why is so much traffic on the road? Why it’s raining? Why is the government charging so much tax on me?

And many more,

Surely you are smiling right now! But it’s true, we are like this,

That’s why we need to have a higher level of Emotional Intelligence in our life.

Self-awareness nothing is but knowing our emotional stage at a particular time, We can't say we are not feeling anything right now, Our body and mind both are going through a well-defined sense and feeling all the time, All we need to know that what is that?

According to scientific research, human beings have more than 70% negative emotions out of 115 listed emotions. So it should be done at the very first stage knowing our emotional situation before we jump into any situation.

The next step that comes while practicing Emotional intelligence is Regulation,

As soon as we can knowing in which emotion stage we are, we can think about the regulation of emotions.

When we can regulate our emotions according to the situations, - Regulation

Might be possible you know someone who remains calm in many difficult situations, They would be your senior, Family Persons, neighbors or colleagues, They are not magicians, They know very well about their emotional situation every time and more than that they know, how to regulate it.

When we start practicing remind our self our goals by being aware and regulate our emotions, we can motivate our self to take action to feel motivated towards our goals – Motivation.

People are using many ways to motivate themselves, Such as reading books, listening to podcasts, quotes and attending seminars from famous motivational speakers, Definitely, these methods work, but how long?, It's done in best by yourself,

And it can be done only when you feel good inside, Have you imagined listen to someone's advice when you are emotionally low?

Self-talk with positive intentions is much more effective than any other situation.

Try out the following book, on how to keep yourself motivated towards goals.

after doing our part we must understand others feeling and their situation, -Empathy

An interpersonal relationship is a key to society since civilization, and it's the fifth stage for growing higher emotional intelligence.

Empathy is the basis of interpersonal relationships,

Knowing, regulating or motivation could be easy for someone, but knowing what others feel at present and getting information about their situation is really need your skill in empathy, People who claim that they are mind reader, they do this exercise very well, they do not do any magic, they observe you very well, even better than you sometimes/

You need not be a world-class mind reader to achieve a higher level of emotional intelligence, You just need to be aware of the people around you, their situations, and even any changes in their behavior. Do it and feel the change that how well you know the people around you.

Balancing of own emotions and maintaining a healthy relationship with others, makes us a more effective person ever – Interpersonal relationship.

That’s it, Yes it is so simple, the tough part is accepting it in our daily routine, and

believe me, I’ve seen many people who are not only highly Emotional

Intelligent but awesome successful in every aspect of life.

All the best for a new start in your life.

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