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Negativity spread way faster than anything

It’s a bitter truth of every era and everywhere in this world, that negativity has more speed than Good things. We can see this in every aspect of our life, and definitely, everyone has their own experience of it.

Even physics can’t escape from this; the flow of current always has the direction from positive to negative.
How people spread negativity

Let’s take few examples:

People’s image is the most affected subject when we talk about negative thinking, everyone is quite busy in their lives and don’t have much time to spend time with others, in their office, in their neighborhood, in their family, they know only a few people,

In that case, if someone tells you that a particular person, whom you don’t know very well, is a bad person or having bad habits, that’s it. You don’t need proof to judge that person

On the other hand, if someone praises someone, you can’t believe it easily. You want to check it.

Its human nature we all have,

We are not talking here that everyone has the same nature, but the common aspects we all have,

Especially when it’s about to feel negative about something.

A Person who studied psychology, knows that how many emotions a person could have and what percentage of emotions are counted as negative ones.

Try another example:

You must know a place/city/region which is famous for its bad culture,

Whenever you heard about this city or region, you heard only negative things such as higher crime rate, unemployment, corruption,

You don’t want to go there; you can’t even imagine yourself there.

Negativity wins!

Maybe all the things you listen or watch are true but have you ever think about it that how easy for someone to create a negative image of people, place or culture in people’s mind.

Today marketing is an essential tool for survival,

See around yourself, you are surrounded by marketers.

They know it,

How many products or services you bought just because of fear, fear which was created by the negativity in their ads.

You will be mocked if you’re bald, Use this oil.

You don’t have status if you don’t have this brand’s car/watch/phone.

You won’t be a smart person if you don’t use this or that Product.

And yes they won eventually because they know this truth that negativity can run faster in the mind than positive things.

They run all negative news 24X7 on television and got higher TRP.

People post anything negative and have more views,

And a new name of popularity is called VIRAL nowadays.

Now Physics again.

Definitely, current flows from positive to negative but it causes negative electrons to run towards the positive end.

The more positive you are, the more negativity run towards you, Choice is yours, accept it or

challenge it.

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