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Digital health

Healthcare is the right, not a privilege with this motto the introduction of the digital health ID project under Ayushmann Bharat is a step to word national building. its objective is to digitize health records all over the nation and to improve the quality, access, and affordability of healthcare services with quick, less expensive, and robust delivery of health services.

monitoring health in digital way

The use of technology for health records is inevitable and necessary in the current times. Digital health ID enables the portability irrespective of service provide and geography. It also reduces the re-testing or repetition of procedures every time a patient visits a different doctor. It gives a positive push to reduce the space and provide easy access to huge health records. it also boosts the research on medical devices and drugs as digital health record is available across the platforms.

It will provide a transformative impact for the paperless facilities and it will make possible the direct linkages between the patient’s registration process, doctors, laboratories, and pharmacy to access relevant information before the patient’s arrival and reduces the delays and enhanced the efficiency.

India is a rising nation with limited investment in the healthcare system which presents its own challenges with DHID.

With the precedence of breaches and limited access to the Aarogya Setu and Cowin portal, privacy is a major concern considering the sensibility of health records.

The upfront investment for up-gradation to digital health records will lead to rising in administrative costs of about 20% which is also a major factor for the hesitation of hospitals to shift to DHID.

For each policy the success lies in its implementation therefore we need to provide fiscal subsidies along with technical and logistic support to government and private hospitals to ease their shift for the continuum of healthcare and enhancing the patient’s satisfaction and confidence.

Doctor-patient ratio in India

The doctor-patient ratio is still low which must be our priority along with testing the waters with a pilot study to assess the use of technology for streamlining patient flows and medical records.

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