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Electrical Vehicles in India

If you are also planning to buy a scooter or car soon, the Electrical vehicles are also in your search tab,

The market is full of options for Electric vehicles nowadays, Start-ups as well as established companies focusing right now on the substitute of conventional petrol and diesel-driven vehicles.

It’s now in everyone’s mind that “should I go for an EV or continue with the conventional fuel Vehicles,

Time taken in charge an EV

Let’s try to understand the current scenario.

Getting a vehicle is always like a dream to fulfil, You have a feeling with your vehicle as well as requirement to go to the office, college, business trips or daily needs, According to your financial situation, you pick a vehicle for you or your loved ones, either it is a two-wheeler or four-wheeler,

First of all, discuss a few factors which affect your decision of purchasing a vehicle and what are the things which are still stopping you for purchase an EV nowadays.

Availability: -

Although a lot of start-ups are in the market with their EV and offering you many options in the EV section, Yet, indeed, demand and supply is not matched yet in the Indian market of two-wheelers or four-wheelers,

Major companies in automobiles are still developing their EV vehicles or only a few of them like TATA, MG, Audi, BMW and Hyundai offering their EV four wheelers right now, And Bajaj, TVS are offering EV two-wheelers , and Hero electric is the current leader in the market of low-speed EV two-wheelers, Suzuki is also in this race with electric Burgman.

Companies like Ola, Simple energy, and Rivet are in the market but their products are in waiting,

Charge an EV at home

Revolt and Ather Energy are the only companies that is offering a high range of high-speed bikes like RV300/RV400 and 450/450X, although Hero motor corps will be in the market very soon. Till then Chetak from Bajaj and iQube from TVS are good options to look into.

In the four-wheeler segment, we currently have only a few options like TATA’s Nexon, X-press-T (earlier Tigor EV), MG’s ZS-EV, Hyundai’s Kona, Audi's e-Tron and BMW's i3,

Kona claimed a maximum range of 425 kms in a single charge,

Cost and performance:-

One of the biggest factors which can stop you from inside to buy an EV,

Although in the two-wheeler segment prices of electric bikes and scooters are almost similar to the IC engine vehicles, Yet their performances are far behind them,

For example:- Honda Activa 6G is costing around above 1 lac on road, has an engine of 110 cc and around 8 ps of power generation,

If you have a budget of less than 1 lac and thinking about buying an EV instead of Honda Activa, there are not too many options that can fulfil your requirement in terms of power and performance, most of the EV scooters are under 1 lac tag are not more than powerful 3-4 KW motor and can achieve a maximum speed of 55-60 kmph.

Many companies like Ather, Okinawa, PureEV, Batt-Re, and many more provide a wide range of electric two-wheelers with Lithium-ion batteries now.

Most of the scooters like Bajaj's chetak, TVS's iQube, Ather Energy's 450/450X, Ola S1,or Simple1 is costing more than 1 lac.

In the four-wheeler segment, Tata's X-press-T is the cheapest available EV in the market and Audi e-Tron is the costlier one with a price tag of more than 1 Crore.

Although subsidy from different state governments in the shape of relaxation on the registration fee is proving(that are eligible for incentives under the FAME-II scheme).

It can help people to think about EV for their next vehicle.

Recharge or Refuelling:-
Cheaper charging stations for EV

The simplest and as toughest question in an Indian buyer’s mind – “Kitna deti hai”, In terms of fossil fuel vehicles it can explain as mileage and in terms of electric vehicles it’s called Range.

Although the cost per kilometre is much lower in electric vehicles, yet the recharge of an electric vehicle is still a question for us here in India,

Although cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad, are far advanced in the availability of charging stations yet we are far behind to make life easy with an electric vehicle,

Maximum major cities still have a lack of proper charging stations and parking facilities,

Refilling a tank of fuel is much easier and less time taken activity instead of recharging an electric vehicle,

We are not even close to the battery swapping facility properly,

In the case of Four-wheeler, it becomes more complicated where the need for space is higher than 2-wheeled vehicles,

Companies like EVRE and Fortum, engage in increasing the charging facilities all over India and have already done appreciable work in their field, still, we need more people to come forward for installing a charging station in their facilities like building society, business parks, malls, and educational institutions,

All major oil and gas companies like HP, BPCL, and Indian Oil are also looking future in the Charging Station setup along with their fuel stations.

Mahindra and Mahindra and Piaggio are also planning for battery swapping stations for their three-wheelers segment.

We are looking forward to such starting into two-wheeler and four-wheeler segment,


As long as now we see only fossil fuel-based vehicles on the road and have a strong belief that we can travel anywhere anytime by them, On the other hand when we talk about EVs, People have few serious and few funny reviews about them,

For example:- What happens with an EV in the rainy season?

What if my EV gets break-down in the middle of the night due to an electric fault?

What is the cost of parts and battery for an EV,

What is the status of parts availability of an EV when it is already not available sufficiently in the market?

How trustable are these start-ups of EV's.

In the last one more important thing to discuss:

The resale value of an Electric Vehicle:

As an Indian market observer, I have found that even at the time of purchasing a new vehicle, this fact always remains in the customer’s mind, that whenever I will buy my next vehicle, at which cost I could sell this one?

People who can’t afford a new vehicle usually purchase second/third-hand vehicles for them,

Even companies like Olx, Cars24 have the business of millions by buying and selling second-hand vehicles,

A majority of people are involved in this business and you can often see the signboard of “For Sale” on the roof of cars and bikes in a dedicated second-hand vehicle market in every major or small city.

Scrapping is not an intelligent idea here in India, everyone wants a maximum return of their vehicle when they have done with it.

I think one of the best solutions to this issue is to buy back from the manufacturer from the customer to re-use the available resources.

This discussion couldn’t help you out in the decision of buying or not buying an electric vehicle, Yet you can get a few topics of consideration before buying an electric or conventional fuel-based vehicle.

In the future, we will discuss the next upcoming revolution in the Indian automobile market

“Hydrogen cell-based vehicles”

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