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Kids Are a Great Way to Save Marriages: Know How

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

How blessed you are to have a kid

Marriage is challenging work. Getting through issues in marital life like adultery, financial instability, and stress from the extended family needs a lot of patience and effort.

A bond that fosters mature personal development and solidifies a couple's devotion to one another can be formed when they become parents.

Many couples find that having children strengthens already solid relationships. It can feel like throwing a hand grenade into your marriage when you have a child.

How Does Having a Baby Save Your Marriage

Undoubtedly, the most common reason couples choose to have children is their belief that having a child will deepen their love for one another. A baby is, after all, essentially half of each parent. It simply makes sense that taking care of a cute young human will aid in your reunion.

1) The usual stressors between Indian couples

Dr. Joshi states, "Speaking in the Indian context, "The initial cause of the problem between the husband and the wife must be discussed. The in-laws put a lot of pressure on women in Indian society to have children.

The shame associated with being infertile or barren is also felt by women. This can cause a great deal of tension as a result of this. Naturally, having a child in such circumstances will bring the two closer."

2) The smart "grown-up" thing to do is this!

Assumingly, everyone has heard the ridiculous playground chant about kissing in a tree. "Love comes first, followed by marriage, and then a baby in a baby carriage!"

Although it may not be the cause, most couples still have this preconceived notion of how their married lives should develop. Female partners generally believe that having a child leads to this kind of mature personal development for both parties in the partnership.

Matureness developed after being parent

3) The child as a distraction

It has been witnessed enough in situations in which the birth of a child has enhanced marriage. "After the baby is born, spouses turn their attention to the newborn and put aside each other's flaws. Kids are prioritized over anything else in our society."

4) Children stimulate more social interactions

"The birth of a child can help the entire family decompress and relieve tension. As a social lubricant, it promotes constructive interactions between families, "says the physician.

It is common for families to embrace fleeing couples once the child is born, as it happens often in the country.

5) The Child Will Bring You The Attention Of Your Partner

Many couples think that having a kid together will somehow make their significant other notice them more, which is related to strengthening the relationship. Fathers anticipate that moms will suddenly be more attracted to them after they exercise their parenting skills. On the other hand, mothers think that fathers will feel more connected because of the child they share.

A kid can be helpful in keeping care of partner

The changes.

A newborn's arrival is a happy, demanding, and life-changing experience. Here is a list of some of the ways that marriages change after having children and some advice on how to maintain a healthy marriage.

1) You can feel like you detest your lover as a result of hormonal changes.

Perhaps the word "hate" is too strong, but you may find yourself yelling at your partner a lot more frequently than you ever did.

This does not imply that you will soon get divorced.

Some individuals refer to those early mood fluctuations as the "baby blues," which are probably brought on by hormone imbalances and lack of sleep.

As long as they don't turn into postpartum depression, they are also natural. Your hormones will eventually return to balance, but you must also decide to overcome your negative attitude.

2) There is no such thing as downtime

Although your schedule might alter, you used to do certain activities that served as the cornerstone of your relationship: Play Rock Band, read books in bed, watch trashy reality TV together, and switch when you're done.

At least for the moment, when you have little time to spare, all that cool, enjoyable, and private stuff is over.

But you've got to push each other to connect as you dump the diaper pail and scrape mashed sweet potatoes from the high chair's nooks and crannies. Though not sexual, the fact that you two are participating in this together is quite endearing.

Points to be Noted Before Becoming a Parent

What should know before become a parent

Although being a parent often feels like a relationship fast fix, it may also be a rewarding experience rich in symbolic meaning.

It represents a crucial turning point in a couple's journey as they separate from their own families and start a new family. Having children shows a couple's commitment to not only their relationship but also the child they have brought into the world.

Being a caregiver for young children is a very Sisyphean endeavor; you are busy all day long yet make almost no progress. While you hold the baby, play with the baby, feed the baby, and put the baby to sleep, the laundry mounts, and the dishes are unwashed.

Then, usually in the middle of the horrifying "witching hour," your co-parent returns home from work and asks, "What have you been doing all day?" as he surveys the mess. There is a conflict.

Ruptures can also occur when a twosome becomes a threesome. Relationships Australia counselor Matt Garrett adds, "It may dredge up some complex and potentially negative emotions." As the infant takes center stage, one partner may feel marginalized.

Another thing to be concerned about is the financial situation.

Final Verdict

Bond in a married life by kids

Having a baby improves the lives of couples and facilitates their relationship. They start to love one another's company and value each other more than ever.

Additionally, they start prioritizing themselves and their families. Every day, they make a little more effort to be the happiest parents to their kids and the most loving spouses to each other.

There is no secret to everlasting marriages, and whether or not having a child will save your marriage is a hotly contested topic.

Couples should evaluate their situation and decide in light of it before adding a child to an already tense equation. You don't want your child to endure a miserable marriage in the future.

About the Author

I am Sanchari Mukherjee, a student of Presidency University doing BA in English honors. Writing is my passion and being able to share my work with people is of great pleasure and honor to me.


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