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Lessons for an employee

If you are studying in an engineering or technical college, then your dream career is not far away from you. Surely it's your dream and your wish that one day after passing out of this college I will join a company and become an important employee of it and have a handsome salary package,

In a nutshell, if you are working in the right direction with the right amount of hard work you will have it.

Campus to Corporate

But the real challenge will begin when you have that job,

Cause many of us have never faced the environment before, that's why colleges asked for summer training, and vocational training in the companies, so that students get used to the environment of an organization in which they will be working,

The training was short-lived, however, and most students spent it as a honeymoon before reality set in when they joined a company and began to earn a living.

Some of us might disagree with my thoughts but that's the reality of this phase in life. A student has a difficult time understanding the nature of business and the working ideas of a company until he dissolves himself in the company's atmosphere.

Campus selections, job hunting, the first day of the new job, and the end of the probation period will all be memories that will remain with anyone, no matter if he is a CEO, Managing Director, or another senior position.

This phase of professional life is really awesome. We were so much dwelling on the theoretical knowledge of machines, principles, and calculations, and suddenly what do we see?

Real people working with those machines, generating a high volume of production, Production of those things which we use in our daily life.

Drill Machines

Just a dream! But one of the realities is that we are also part of this organization and we are also learning these systems day by day. At the start, it may be possible that our speed of learning is slow, but as soon as we start to catch the process, and the jobs we need to do in the organization,

A few things are new for you, but some important things you want to learn very fast, Like your pay check, what leaves you can have in a month or year, your perks/benefits, and your authority in the organization.

Everyone needs to know how much amount and benefits he is going to serve an organization.

That's alright we are not discussing here your personal information,

We are talking about some traits which can be a life lesson for you in any organization in the world, no matter in which industry you are working, in which department you have been placed by HR, or what is your level in the organization.

So let's start

I have learned in a very small lecture about a basic mantra of how you can be ahead of everyone in life when it comes to how to work in an organization,

The company name was Sona Koya Steering System at that time and now its name is JTEKT, situated in Gurugram, Haryana.

as it was my first day in the organization, the person from HR took me to the production department, where I met with one of the great teachers of my life, and it really happens to all of us, you too must have a few people in your life, whose one teaching or one suggestion change your complete life,

That happened there with me, as I was recruited in an emergency of shortage of operators and engineers there, so I didn't have any technical training about any machine or process running there,

So this teacher was actually the plant head there, Mr. Satish Gupta. I mention his and HR person's name here because I want that one day hopefully they will get to know that, someday some words of them will make people's lives easy to live.

Let's move ahead.

In a very short lecture, Mr. Gupta taught me the basics of becoming a good to great employee on my very first day at the company.

According to him and now me there are 4 essential things we should keep in our minds since entering to exist in an organization. And those 4 things are Safety, Quality, Productivity, and Discipline.

Sure you are aware of all these, but the real difference here is that all those 4 topics should be in your book first,

Companies, Institutions, or colleges wherever you are right now, they have their policies to maintain regarding safety, quality, production, or discipline.

But the description I heard from Mr. Gupta was awesome. In very short he taught a lot. First and foremost, the thing was that these things are our responsibility, not companies'. We are people who convert them into policies or systems and then forget to follow them.

So here are the details:

Safety:- There are 3 types of safety concerns you have to keep in your mind. No matter whether you are working in a manufacturing unit, in a BPO, you have to operate or program a machine or you are just doing coding on your laptop,


First, ensure your own safety. Any hazard or accident prone things shouldn't be near you,

Second, ensure the safety of your colleagues. None of your actions lead to any injury or unsafe situation for your colleagues.

Third, ensure the safety of whatever machine you are working on. It could be a CNC, a Laptop, a vehicle you are driving,

You have to take responsibility for all the above safety types.


Since you started working for an organization you must produce quality products, eliminate errors and deliver what a customer requested your organization to deliver.


As a part of the organization, you are the hand of that company. Its brand value, its reputation, and its status depend on you.

Your performance as an employee becomes the performance of the company.


As a company recruits you for a job, they calculate a CTC, that's the value in terms of money, perks, or other benefits, which will be provided to you in return for performing a job.

Here your responsibility begins, you have to deliver the required production of the product you are working on.


I am mentioning it in the last but it is the thing which comes always first,

even when you are at home, school or anywhere,

Good Time

Discipline is not a forceful attribute if you are already disciplined and know the importance of discipline and persistence in life. That means you already know how your growth and value depend on it. More about discipline and persistence can be found in my other blog: Persistence is the key.

These things are very familiar to all of us yet most of the time we forget or underestimate their value of these things. They are the values we have to follow and should teach to our juniors. It might be possible they will become your heir one day and remember you their whole life.

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