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Feeling Tired and Broken?

It’s all about you only...

Do you Feeling Tired and Broken?

Feeling tired and broken

Our lives our days all are filled with lots of things, lots of worries, and yes we are damn busy in all these regular activities,

Although you could have a lot of energy to handle such stresses, yet you are not a superman, your physically, mentally energy drains.

At that time you really need something to refresh you and refill your energy.

There are not any simple pack of energy drinks available in the market which can just recharge you instantly,

Still, you have few blessings with this life which are really helpful to get it back.

Let’s talk about a few of them, Start with the people.

Family:- Yes your family is one of the best energy boosters in your life, at any stage of life whenever you feel tired and alone, you return to your home and see the faces of your loved ones and instantly it brings back a smile on your face, Your family is not your weakness; they are your strength to keep fighting for your dreams. The unconditional love from a family can make a person more effective and productive,

I know that to court idleness is to steal food, clothing, and warmth from those I love. I am not a thief. I am a man of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and my greatness.

It shows that a family always becomes your strength and your willpower to get back on your feet full of energy, You just need to set any quotes in your mind, which reminds you instantly that how much energy do you need to fulfil your loved one's dreams?

Friends:- Yeah you are damn lucky to have such friends, who are not only with you in your good times but also in your tough time span.

Normally people say that if you don't have a family to support you in your tough time, but have a friend, it's not less than a family itself

Keep it in mind whenever you feel exhausted,

A Friend from your childhood, school/college or might be from your office, play the same role in your life, they are the people who can understand your situation and condition as same as like you. They can guide you, entertain you or even handle you in a very drastic situation.

Teachers :- In all my life I’ve seen that only a few people can keep in touch with their teachers, here we are talking about not only your school or college teachers, but also your life teachers, a small talk with them can instantly recharge you again. These teachers or so-called mentors knew us for a long time, they have a very well understanding of our current situations, more than that they know that we have the abilities to counter any fatigue or failure, just need to be pushed a little bit.

Let's move to some activities that need to be done when you feel exhausted:

Meditation :-

One of the best practices which can give you instant relief from feeling exhausted. No matter what kind of meditation you use in daily life as a practice, Yoga, Sitting in monk posture, meditation is not just a practice to make you calm, but also make you able to see things differently.

A very beautiful quote I read today :

Stop Trying to calm the storm

Calm yourself

The storm will pass

We can't make any effect on the situation, which we are facing right now, but we can make a change in our reaction to it.

So if you still never try Meditation, try it once and feel the difference,

Music :-

It's a really awesome source of energy, especially when you have a beautiful list of songs or music in your collection, Nowadays it's not a tough thing to keep few songs on your mobile phone/laptop/hard disk or in your car's system whom you like most.

It's a kind of blessing of the universe to us(human beings), not humans only even animals react to music as well, an aggressive animal also can start feeling relax after listening to a soulful tune.

So try it some time too.

Walk alone in Green :-

It is one of the best suggestions I have got when I was going through a tough time.

and it is really awesome to realize the beauty of nature around us when we are spending a lot of time in the digital world,

You need not walk into a jungle instead you can have a small walk into a park nearby you or can spend a little time with the plants you have in your garden or in pots. The oxygen coming out from these plants/trees are really full of new energy, required by your mind right now.

In the end :-

Life is not over yet, definitely, you could facing the toughest time period,

Still, if you are able to become the reason for a smile on the face of someone, you are people's SUPERMAN.

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